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You must know these 10 questions and answers related to Vastu (10 Vastu Tips To Fill Your Home With Positive Energy)

You must know these 10 questions and answers related to Vastu (10 Vastu Tricks To Fill Your Home With Positive Energy)

There are many types of doubts in people’s mind regarding Vastu, perhaps you will also have some questions in your mind. Answering 10 questions that arise in your mind Vastu and Feng Shui Consultant Deepti H. Arora.

Vastu Tips

1) According to Vastu, how can we know whether a place is auspicious or inauspicious?
When we enter a building, our breathing rate changes due to the vibrations there. If our breathing rate remains normal and stress free, then it is a sign of auspiciousness of that building, if the breathing rate increases, then it means that there is some Vastu defect in the construction of that building.

2) Does Swastika symbol have any relation with Vastu? If yes, then what?
This is the basic symbol of Vastu. It gives knowledge of directions. This sign has been used as a Manglik symbol since ancient times. A symbol of auspicious work, this swastika symbol is made on both sides of the main door of the house, so that the evil eye is protected. May there be happiness and prosperity in the house. It is also considered as the scriptural form of Ganesha.

3) Is the shape of a fish considered inauspicious according to the principles of Vastu?
No, it is considered a symbol of true love. The sight of fish before starting the journey is considered an indicator of work-success and an auspicious omen. There is an ancient tradition of Matsya Darshan on Dussehra.

4) Which part of the house is called Brahmasthan?
The central part of the building is called Brahmasthan.

5) Where should the things related to cleanliness be kept?
Always keep broom, mop and cleaning items in or near the south-west. Never, even if for a short time, should not keep this item in the North-East, as it creates various kinds of financial troubles.

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6) If there is a Vastu defect, are Tulsi plants helpful in protecting it from that defect?
As far as Tulsi plant is concerned, it is beneficial in every respect. Whether there is a Vastu defect or not, but it does not mean that to avoid Vastu defect, it is enough to plant a Tulsi plant only.

7) Is Vastu Vigyan only for the followers of Hinduism?
it’s not like that at all. No science is for any particular religion. Even if we accept it, it is not science at all. By the way, gradually people of all religions have started accepting the science of Vastu, because everyone wants happiness and peace.

8) Is it true that only those who believe in Vastu science get benefit or loss from it. Those who do not believe, do they not gain or lose?
They are not. Whatever be the science, its effect is not on accepting it or not. It affects equally. If something is wrong, its result is wrong and if something is right, then its result is beneficial. That is why Vastu science is also beneficial for everyone.

9) In Vastu Shastra, attention is given to colors. To what extent is this logical?
Amazing effects can be found in life with proper selection of colors. Science also supports this. There are rules about which color is appropriate for where.

10) In which direction should one face while eating?
One should always eat food facing east or north, not south or west.


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