World Environment Day: &TV actors talk about the importance of sustainable lifestyles. people news

New Delhi: As we celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June, &TV celebrities highlight the importance of acting conscientiously in the interest of environmental protection. Shivya Pathania (Goddess Parvati, Child Shiva), Farhana Fatema (Shanti Mishra, and Bhai What’s going on?), Himani Shivpuri (Katori Amma, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan), and Shubhangi Atre (Angoori Bhabi, Bhabhiji is at home) talks About the importance of sustainability and conservation.

Shivya Pathania, aka Devi Parvati, in &TV’s Baal Shiv, shares, “Climate change, air pollution, water scarcity is one of the most burning issues globally. Practicing sustainable living and contributing to the environment is something we can all do. Our small efforts can make a big difference. The easiest thing one can do is to reduce energy consumption. Your electrical equipment consumes resources when produced and energy during use. Always turn off switches and don’t put them on standby mode when not in use, and the same applies to your fans, lights, and other equipment. Always check the energy label before purchasing any appliance. This can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint. Anyone can replace incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps with LEDs – this will save you electricity and money in the long run. Also, to reduce waste, try to reuse products and items as often as possible before throwing them away.

Shubhangi Atre, aka Angoori Bhabi, in &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, shares, “To be honest, I think transformative sustainability solutions are accessible, affordable and for people to make better daily decisions. Must be attractive. At home, I believe in growing my own fruits and vegetables. This lets someone verify that I am not applying or inhaling any pesticides that pollute the water and air. It also helps eliminate negativity in your home, and you will be able to interact with plants when you are alone. Growing and planting it at home gives me joy and satisfaction. I treat my plants as if they were my children, and I treat them as such. Similarly, I encourage everyone to plant a tree and worship it at home, work, or anywhere; You’ll love it”.

Himani Shivpuri, aka Katori Amma, shares in &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, “Many of us are unaware of how fortunate we are to have water available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Water scarcity is becoming a problem in many regions of the world, especially in landlocked countries. Imagine waiting for hours in a huge line to fill a bucket of water. Water conservation is a big challenge, especially in a densely populated country like ours. Now let’s not take the monsoon lightly, which is here. Conserve water as much as possible. You can save water by irrigating your plants with the same water used to wash your vegetables. Water can be conserved in many ways. So that everyone benefits, because we all know that the world exists to satisfy everyone’s needs, not everyone’s greed.”

Farhana Fatema, aka Shanti Mishra of &TV’s Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai shares, “This World Environment Day, we should move from harming the planet to fixing it, and charity starts at home. Is. Reckless power consumption is harmful to the environment in more ways than one! Whenever I am in my hometown, Uttar Pradesh, my family and I make sure that we use the least amount of electricity. Simple efforts like unplugging electronics when not in use, using natural light throughout the day, and using air conditioning rationally and wisely can go a long way toward conserving energy and an effective cooling system. The good news is that solutions and technologies exist and are increasingly affordable.”

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