What to wear and what not to wear according to body shape? (Select Outfit According To Body Type)

What to wear and what not to wear according to body shape? (Select Outfit According To Body Type)

Who does not want to look fashionable, but not every one of us has such a sense of fashion, so we are telling you some basic things, by which you too can choose your style and keeping in mind the shape of your body. You can choose clothes.

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if you are tall

1. Avoid wearing a single color. It would be better to wear two colors by combining them. This will balance your height. Select clothes with horizontal lines. This will also help your height balance.
2. If you are skinny, avoid tight fitted clothes and choose fabrics that give volume to your body.
3. Layered outfits are perfect for you.
4. If you have a chubby face, wear long dangling earrings.
If your height is short

1. Try flared jeans. Wear either super long or super short in dresses and shorts.
2. Wear V necklines. It is not possible to wear high heels everyday, so when you want to wear flats, wear pointed flats.
3. High waist bottoms will make you look tall, whether it is pants or skirts, wear a high waist. It would be better to wear a crop top with them.
4. Vertical stripes are also the most effective and most popular way to make the height appear longer.
5. Do only hairdos, such as – high ponytail or high hairstyles will give you a taller look.
6. Do not use oversized bags and accessories.
7. Wear nude colored shoes. If they match the skin tone, then the legs look long.
8. Instead of very long hair, keep short hair or style it in such a way that your neck and shoulders are visible. This will make you look longer.

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If you want a slimmer look
1. Wearing a single color will make you look slim.
2. Black color bottom and black color top will give you a more slim look.
3. Pointed toe and skinny heels give you a slimmer look.
4. Tuck one side of your shirt or top into the pants. This will create a flat tummy look and you will also get the feeling that your tummy is flat.
5. Wearing dark colors also gives a slim look. Wear dark colors on the part of your body that is heavy, and pair it with light colors to balance it, eg – if the hips are heavy, then keep the bottoms dark and if the breasts are heavy, then wear the top dark color.
6. Do not wear horizontal stripes, it makes the body look wider.
7. Avoid outfits with heavy work and embellishments, frills, shiny fabrics and big designs.
8. Wearing heels will not only make you look taller, but will also make you look slimmer. No need to wear high heels, you can create a slim look by wearing few heels too.
9. Avoid very loose clothes, as it makes the body look more heavy. Don’t wear perfectly fitted clothes.
10. Wear clothes that cover body fat and also take care of fabric selection, eg – wear such fabrics, which are soft and which are not puffy.

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