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You and your spouse will enjoy a cordial and happy time that will bring out the best in you. There will be balance and harmony in your life. Some of you will have to choose a matter of love. Teamwork and partnerships signify good fortune, and you will benefit from joining alliances or joint ventures in business. There will be financial stability, and you will attract wealth.

Work on strengthening your bond with your partner, take a break from the routine and spend some quality time together. For singles, developing a relationship or a new romantic partnership is expected. With love and mutual respect, you can build a beneficial relationship. In work or business, temporary financial difficulty is predicted. Consider new options and resources that can help you move forward and overcome this situation.

The effort you put into your relationship has helped it grow and move forward. You will work hard to get a financially secure future for your family. For those in a new relationship, take some time to build trust and a strong foundation before taking it to the next level. Home improvements and renovations are on the cards. If you are single then this is an excellent time to start a relationship. Spend time fostering your relationships with your loved ones.

Maybe you are approaching an important stage in your life or making an important decision. Use both your intelligence and your intuition to draw conclusions. You will stay close to your spouse and take important decisions together. You will be each other’s ally. Any confusion or differences will be resolved. Do not neglect emotional satisfaction and health over financial gains. A mature and intelligent woman or a professional contact at your workplace will provide you with support and guidance in your career.

You may experience unhappiness in relationships, insecurities and anxiety. This is a temporary state, and you can overcome it without thinking. You may feel burdened and stressed due to financial obligations. Look at your finances practically and avoid negative thinking. Insecurities, lack of trust or deceit can affect your relationship. Go ahead in the field and turn your plans into reality. But, don’t be impulsive or rush into action without planning. Consider the consequences of your actions.

You will be determined and will move towards your goal. Be ready to take action and move forward with full energy. There may be some dispute at work and some tension in the family. You may not have time for any relationship or intimacy this week. This can be an emotionally vulnerable time for you. Work on your attitude as it can negatively affect your relationship. Be careful with your finances.

Tough times at work are over, and your hard work will pay off. You will be satisfied with the flow of money and the acknowledgment that comes your way. Your position in the organization will be secure. There are indications of investment in property or small business. Your responsibilities at home may increase your stress levels. Take a break and take some time to relax or plan to do something exciting with friends or your partner.

There may be betrayal or deception. Someone around you may be focusing on doing things your way, regardless of the consequences. A negative attitude can affect your work, and someone on your team takes away the credit for your hard work. Do not trust or trust anyone with your money. Be patient and firm in love. It’s time to take a break and recharge your battery.

There is a need for balance in your relationships. You may be stuck in the middle and it can be challenging to maintain balance in a friendship or romantic relationship. Your love life seems to be stuck and not progressing. Do not take any important decision related to love this week. However, things get better on the work front. Your position will improve financially along with the organization. Chances of transfer in job are being made.

Some good news is coming your way regarding finance, business, education and property. This is an excellent time to start new relationships and nurture your existing ones. Your relationship will progress incredibly, with both taking similar initiatives. If you are single then you are likely to meet someone. However, maintain a balance between personal life and work matters. There will be financial security and stability, but work wisely about expenses.

You will see that your relationship is moving to the next level, such as commitment, marriage or starting a family. Enjoy the togetherness and bond that you and your partner have created together. In the end, your money issues and stress will be over, and your finances will look in order. You can happily share what you have with others who need help or donations. You can also get financial support and what you need from someone with strong financial position.

At work, you will get the support of your colleagues and you will get the necessary resources to complete your work. Don’t over-commit and promise what you can’t deliver. Be diplomatic and don’t take sides in case of any kind of conflict at workplace. This week you will achieve your goals and get recognition for your efforts. You will start a new professional journey or start a new project or venture. Stay focused and firm.

(These tarot card predictions are made by Chhavi Upadhyay, a Delhi based, intuitive tarot practitioner and consultant)

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