Wardrobe Basics: To Look Trendy And Trendy, Make Sure To Have These Basic Out Fits And Accessories In Your Wardrobe To Always Be In Style (Wardrobe Basics And Essentials For Stylish-Trendy Look)

Wardrobe Basics: To Look Trendy And Trendy, Make Sure To Have These Basic Out Fits And Accessories In Your Wardrobe To Always Be In Style (Wardrobe Basics And Essentials For Stylish-Trendy Look)

Be it the trend or the season, but you must have some basic accessories and outfits in your wardrobe that can come in handy anytime.

Jeans: Its biggest advantage is that it is never out of fashion and always looks stylish.

Little Black Dress LBD: Ye always looks stylish and the good thing about it is that it is never out of trend. Whenever you are confused, wear a little black dress casually. This is the best option. You can wear flared dress for a party or picnic, while for a meeting choose a fitted bodycon dress.

Basic Black and White T-Shirts: These are essential for a smart look and they go with every colour. Whether it is denim or trousers or skirt and hot pants, you can pair them with anyone. On the other hand, they also have the advantage that if you have to go for a meeting, then you can wear a blazer over them or take a stole, you will get a sophisticated look.

Pencil Skirts: These give a classy look and are always on trend. You can get a smart look by pairing it with a white formal shirt or printed short top or plain t-shirt.

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Black Turtle Neck T-shirt: It looks very stylish. You can pair it with a smart long jacket. You can wear it with jeans, trousers or skirt.

Denim Jacket: Perfect for a cool casual look. This comes in handy whenever you want to give a style twist to your simple outfit.

White button down shirt: You should have this in both cotton and silk-satin. You can create a very stylish look by tucking it in and can also get a corporate look with trousers.

Crop Tops: These give an instant stylish look. Make sure to give them a place in your wardrobe.

Printed and plain scarves/stoles: These can come in handy anytime.

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Plain Black and White Kurtis: If you like Indian wear or if you ever feel like wearing something comfy then this is the best option. You can wear them to the office as well, they are perfect for dinner and shopping time too. Apart from this, if you want to go for a party or special occasion, then you can pair them with stole or heavy dupatta and accessories.

Black and White Trousers: If you are not comfortable in white then only black will work. With this you can pair anything – crop top, t-shirt, shirt or printed top, jacket, blazer etc.

Sweat shirt: It gives a cool look in winters and if you do not like to wear sweaters or cardigans then this is the best.

Trench coats: These look very trendy and classy. Be sure to keep them.

Biker Jacket: It’s never out of fashion. Looks very smart, you can create a smart look by wearing it with a dress, skinny pants or mini skirt.

Shimmery Party Dress and Gown: You will not always wear LBD to go to the party, so party wear is also important. If it is a shimmery dress, then you do not need to carry much with it. Neither heavy makeup nor accessories because this dress itself will give you a complete look. You can also wear a gown instead of a party dress, it gives a classy look. And you can wear them on many occasions other than the party, such as wedding, reception or office dinner etc.

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Sports and Formal Shoes: These are a must have in your footwear collection.

Flats and heels: Both these come in basic requirements.

Stylish-Smart Wrist Watch: Sometimes an expensive jewelery cannot give you the look that a good wrist watch can give. Be sure to spend money on it, because whether you have a hobby or not. Sometimes it also acts as an accessory.

Party Clutch: Many times it happens that we think that party clutch is a waste of money, but when we ourselves have to go to a wedding or party or reception, then this party clutch is the most lacking. Obviously you cannot take an office bag there, so keep it.

Backpack/Tote: Both of these are important because while one looks cool, the other looks stylish. Apart from your regular handbag, include these in your wardrobe.

Statement Neck Piece: If you are wearing a simple dress or kurti, then a statement neckpiece can turn your look into a party look. If you do not want to wear heavydress, then take help of accessories. It gives an instant glamorous look.

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Glares: You may not use it, but believe me, it gives you a modern look in a jiffy.

Indian wear: You may wear westerns but keep basic Indian wear, which can come in handy anytime – include cotton and silk saris, anarkalis, and straight kurtis. Keep Banarasi saree as well as it is always in trend. Apart from this, keep some heavy dupatta which you can pair with any simple dress.

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