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Wallpaper Ashina Meri Saheli Women Hindi

Garnish with wallpaper Ashiana

wallpaper ashiana


If you want to decorate the walls in less time without painting, then there can be no better option than wallpaper. With wallpapers, you can easily give the desired look to your dream home.


cool look
Use bright colored wall coverings to give a cool look to your living room. This will give relief to the eyes and the room will also look fresh.

smart ideas
* Choose bright and soothing wallpapers like White, Light Blue, Olive Green, Lemon Yellow for a cool look.
* Use only light color for other things of home decor.
* Use floral prints and pastel colored cushions and bedsheets.
* Put on light color curtains.
* Plant indoor plants. With this increasing the beauty of the house, it will also get a cool look.


romantic look
If you want to surprise your partner, then decorate your bedroom with romantic color wallpaper like red, pink. Choose the shades and designs of your and your partner’s choice for the bedroom.

smart ideas
* Pink or red color theme is best to give a romantic look to the bedroom.
* Do not fill a lot of furniture in the bedroom, it will spoil its look.
* Use curtains, bedsheets matching silk or satin red, pink or furniture.
* Yes, also keep in mind that the entire bedroom does not appear red. For this, choose the colors wisely. The combination of white, off-white color with red looks good, you can also try it.


classy look
To give a classy look to your home, select wallpapers of wooden color. There are many varieties of wooden shade wallpapers available in the market. You can choose them according to your choice and the look of the house.

smart ideas
* If you are applying wooden wallpaper on one wall of the room, then paint the other walls with a classy color like beige, gray.
* Black and white or cream color furniture will match with this theme.
* Do not pile up furniture and other decor accessories in the room.
* Apply modern painting to decorate the walls.


Artistic Look
If you are creative and you like to experiment in home decor too, then decorate the walls with colorful artistic wallpaper. Then see how people’s eyes will be fixed on the walls of your house.

smart ideas
* To give an artistic touch to the walls, choose wallpaper with designs like flowers, leaves etc.
* You can also put your family photo or photo collage on a wall by making it.
* You can also give an artistic look to the room by laying a carpet with a unique design.
* Give an artistic look to the house with beautiful paintings, unique decor accessories.
* Handicraft items can also give an artistic look to the house in minutes.

– Kanchan Singh


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