Varun Dhawan’s fan alleges that he and his mother face domestic abuse; Actor told ‘serious matter’, assured of help! , buzz news

Mumbai: Bollywood star Varun Dhawan has promised to help a fan after he tweeted that his father abused him and his mother. Varun replied to a fan who sought help and alleged that he and his mother were facing domestic abuse from their father.

The ‘Badlapur’ star assured the fan that he would talk to the authorities in the matter. The user wrote: “Respected sir, I have been beaten and abused many times by my father. He abuses me and my mother every day. He does not let me eat food for many days, even threatens us using abusive words. and humiliation.”

She detailed her father’s abusive nature in other tweets, noting that she had once complained against him but was released after a few hours by the Gujarat Police. She shared that her father repeated the same cycle.

Tagging Gujarat Police, she tweeted, “I have lost my hopes of getting help from the police when needed, this is not right. Women’s helpline is also not able to help us. Please look into this matter at the earliest.” Do it.”

Varun saw the fan’s tweet and replied to it.

He wrote: “This is a very serious matter and if it is true I will help you and speak to the authorities.” Fan retweeted his post and also thanked him for coming forward to help him. She wrote, “Thank you very much Ved. I will always be grateful to you.”

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