® (Try Simple Recipes for Milky Fair Skin and Glowing Effects)

® (Try Simple Recipes for Milky Fair Skin and Glowing Effects)

Coni natural on water and natural color of pineapple. Brightens the complexion of the skin.

Take incense sticks in the sun and get tempted. in yogurt. I It acts as a mask and spoils the complexion.

Fill a gram of gram in water. One who blames the wrong stigma and the one who lies after doing something wrong. It will fill it with freshness for lifeless, tired, dusky skin.

The doctor who sits in the cream to bleach the complexion. Wash off after 20.

, Wash it off ️ face️ face

T sppls, bio and 2 t spoon chhachai on pliper. 10 Wash off afterwards.

I like besan.

Spoon’s attack on Color Wab. 10 Wash off afterwards.

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Wi-Fi and Lassi Lassi Khyal to keep track of and 15 pluses to follow. to determine this.

Frame 1 tsp of masoor dal in 1 t spoonful till it turns red. Recorded during AB statistics. Pay special attention to the task. carrying it

The juice of 2 tsp is prabhat from prabha.

1 tsp gram flour, chinchbhari powder powdered milk powder The color brightens with color.

1 table health, 1 nutritious food cleaning, 1 t. Keep up to 10.

Prepare well to make well. The details of having prepared it on the skin until 30, then wash the front.

1 tsp multani mitti, juice of 1 liter and kadukduk.

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Fenugreek powder and harmful substances put harmful substances on the substance. Wash off with warm water.

Buy equal amounts of Likes and Linens and get up to 15% off on Lakh Buy. This would also be a solution to solve.

Poultry juice and also linden in the liquid. Up to 15% for donating blood. This too for 1 year.

Prepare 1 or 2 times in India.

1 t spool of powder has a tastier and tastier. talk completely. 20 Wash off with water.


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Test converts to beautiful color in 1 tsp test. ️ Faces️ Faces

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