Tripling Season 3: ‘Chitvan has evolved in his relationships’ reveals Amol Parashar web series news

New DelhiTVF’s hugely popular OTT series ‘Tripling’ is back with Season 3. The show has been a hit since its inception and depicts a unique bond between three siblings. The Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar-starrer explored not only the brother-sister relationship but also some of the inner beauty of India. From Gujarat, Sikkim, Jaipur and Kolkata, the show has traveled the length and breadth of the country, and viewers are excited to know where the road trip lies next. But Amol Parashar wants to keep the mystery alive and without revealing much he says, “This time, we will be in the hills.”

“In the last two seasons, the audience saw Chandan, Chanchal and Chitwan grow and mature with time. Not only in their relationships, but as individuals as well. And Amol promises that the third season will see more development of these characters, but that doesn’t deter the quirky traits that make them special. People have high expectations from tripling. The idea is to give them something new along with fulfilling some of the expectations of them,” he says.

Talking about his character, Amol shared, “With Chitvan, people have started expecting madness. He was different in season two than in the first installment. [Here]He’s maturing, but in his own weird way. I have grown physically, mentally and emotionally as an actor. Similarly, Chitwan, while exhibiting his common traits, has evolved in his relationships.”

With Tripling being a cult classic, the third season already has high hopes riding on it, but Amol believes it is not him but writers Sumeet Vyas, Abbas Dalal, Gopal Tiwari and Chris George who are on It is your responsibility to meet those expectations. “I didn’t get involved in the writing process. Sumeet and Arunabh took care of it. Often, they would ask me to join their jamming sessions during the scripting stage, but I didn’t want to get into it. But whenever I had someone Would have suggested, I would have expressed my opinion,” he explains.

The team shot for 25 days for the third season of Tripling in early 2022 and Amol says that reuniting with the entire team of the show felt less like work and more like an enjoyable reunion. “We were shooting together after three years. Life no longer lets you relax and hang out again and again [due to the pandemic], But season three was our excuse to get everyone together and go on a road trip,” he revealed. It is one road trip that the audience can’t wait to begin with and Amol’s portrayal of his experience makes that wait all the more exciting.

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