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Top 10 Decor Blunders | Interior

Decorating Mistakes

If you want to decorate your dream home beautifully, then avoid these 10 home decor blunders and give the perfect touch to your home decor.

Decorating Mistakes

1 Lack of proper plan
The first mistake is to start preparing to decorate the house without planning. It happens many times when people start making changes without knowing the need of the house. For example buying furniture, wall painting, curtain shopping etc.

What to do?
If you are thinking of doing a home makeover, then first of all inspect the entire house. Where will it fit, how big is the sofa, what should be the size and design of the dining table according to your home? Make a plan in advance. Start only after that.

Decorating Mistakes

2 cushions
While some cushions are required to sit comfortably on the sofa in the hall, too many cushions spoil the look of your hall. Too much cushion also leaves very little space to sit.

What to do?
Choose the cushion according to the sofa or the living room. Instead of stacking cushions on the sofa, keep only as many cushions as you need. If there is a seating system in the house instead of a sofa, then keep round pillows with cushions. Due to this the look of the house looks a little different.

Decorating Mistakes

3 Wrong Furniture Selections
Furniture without size can spoil the look of your home. If the size of the sofa in the hall is spread to half the room and the show case is also large, then your hall will look small and full.

What to do?
If you are thinking of bringing furniture in the house, then first of all make a list of all the items. Decide the size and look of the furniture according to each room. After that, if possible, consult a professional or showroom (from where you are planning to bring the furniture).

Decoration mistakes,unwanted things

4 unnecessary things
Shopping for household items without thinking can spoil both your home and the mood. Many times people buy anything without thinking while roaming in malls or big places, which later becomes useless.

What to do?
Everyone likes to go somewhere and buy some special or antique pieces for the house from there, but it is not right to pick up anything in the name of shopping. Before buying anything, think once whether that thing is really needed for your home decor. Shop only if it is necessary.

photo-wall-arrangement,wall color

5 photos
Loving loved ones and decorating their photos in the lobby or hall can spoil the look of your house at times. As soon as you enter the house, many photos on the showcase or on the table together can spoil the beauty of your home.

What to do?
A large family photo on one of the walls in the living room can give a complete look to your room. Therefore, it is better to avoid using too many photos in the decor.

design lighting, decor tips

6 Correct Lighting Arrangement
In a house where there is less natural light, avoid doing dark color on the walls in such houses. It can spoil the look of your home. This also makes the room seem smaller.

What to do?
If there is no natural light in the room, then get artificial light installed. Paint the room with light color instead of dark color. This makes the room look big and beautiful.

Pianos Grandma Thumb

7 Gifted Items
It is a good thing to preserve the huge painting given by him in memory of grandfather, but if the house is small or if it is not fit for your living room, then keep it in another room. Be practical instead of being emotional. Sometimes such old things spoil the look of the house.

What to do?
Preserving old things is a good thing, but it is better to choose things according to the space of the house. Keep in mind, as long as you do not give up the old things, how will you adopt the new?

painting-fail,wall paint

8 Lack of Perfection
After going to someone’s house, if the color of the paint in the hall is different and the rest of the rooms are different, then understand that there is a lack of mutual harmony in that house. There are many such homes, where there is a variation in the carpet to the wall color and decor accessories. In this way, the beauty of the house deteriorates, along with the nature of the people of the house is also displayed in front of others.

What to do?
Whenever you want to change the look of the house, first of all take the opinion of your partner. After that, with the help of a professional, prepare the decoration as per the requirement.

16-wall-picket-fence , wires

9 broken wire
Lots of scattered wires behind TV/LCD/LED can spoil the look of your living area. Where there is a fear of danger due to scattered wires here and there, on the other hand the beauty of the room also deteriorates.

What to do?
Cover the wires tightly with a staple gun or a matching cord cover of the color of the wall.


10 chandelier
The mind becomes happy just by thinking of a new house and all kinds of accessories to decorate it. Many people choose large chandeliers i.e. chandeliers to decorate the house of their dreams. Whether it is perfect for their small room or not. Huh. This mistake of his can spoil the look of his living room.

What to do?
It is not that your house will not look good by not installing chandeliers. First check the height, space of your room. Only after that select the chandelier.


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