Suzal – The Vortex: Sriya Reddy says this is a regional story set internationally. web series news

New Delhi: Amazon Prime Video’s original Tamil series ‘Suzhal – The Vortex’ is all set to release tomorrow, June 17, and there is no doubt that this investigative drama is going to be an entertaining and mesmerizing experience for the viewers. The gripping series is multi-layered and is all set to capture the hearts and minds of cine-lovers.

Suzal stars Aishwarya Rajesh, Shriya Reddy, Kathir along with R. Parthiban in lead roles. When asked about the series, the actors talked about its uniqueness, and also pointed out that despite the language, realistic and relatable content is a game changer in today’s times.

“Content is important, you can’t fumble with that and the language of cinema is universal. If the stories are great, the language doesn’t matter anymore. And, for better clarity, films are being dubbed and subtitled too. As in the case of Suzal – The Vortex, which is premiering in more than 30 Indian and foreign languages. Today’s most rooted and localized stories are being watched and appreciated across the world. What is needed is, it is already reaching there, but we need to push it a little further, a little more effort is needed,” says Sriya Reddy.

Agreeing with his opinion, Kathir adds, “People watching Suzal – The Vortex around the world will be captivated by the cultural nuances, micro-festivals and legend set in a small village in South India.”

Aishwarya Rajesh said, “The content of our show is very rural and interesting. It has been shot in the interiors of Tamil Nadu. In today’s time, something regional has the potential to find audiences across the country, and all over the world. I have hope. Because people are always curious to know more, try something new.”

“Sujal – The Vortex” will premiere on Prime Video on June 17 in over 30 Indian and foreign languages ​​including French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Arabic, Turkish and Japanese. Save the date and get ready to witness the thrilling, edge-of-the-seat thriller on Amazon Prime Video.

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