Styling Tips For Shimari-Shiny Sequence Party Dress

Styling Tips For Shimari-Shiny Sequence Party Dress

Shimri-Shiny Sequence Party Dress is wearing for the party and you do not understand how to style the dress, then we are telling you the Easy Styling Tips for Shimri-Shiny Sequence Party Dress. Let us tell you what to wear with shimmery party dress.

Styling Tips For Party Dress

Styling Tips for Shimmery-Shiny Sequence Party Dress
1) Choose a basic sequence dress. Select Simple Cut. A sequin dress is a statement piece in itself. In such a situation, you do not need a dramatic cut or neckline. Therefore, do not experiment with any kind of sequence dress and choose a simple cut dress or gown.
2) You can select strapless dress, shift dress, racer back dress or t-shirt dress. They are simple and look good.
3) While selecting the sequence dress, take special care that its length is good, so that you can carry it comfortably and confidently.
4) If you are wearing a black dress, then minor errors in the fitting can be ignored, but with the fitting of a sequence dress, you cannot compromise, because when you are wearing a sequence dress, everyone The eyes are on you, so you can’t compromise on the fitting.

Give 5 different looks to your 1 dress, watch the video:

5) If you are buying a sleeveless sequin dress, make sure that it fits perfectly on the shoulders.
6) If you are buying a dress with overall sequence, then keep in mind that it should be a single color dress. The multicolor sequence dress looks very loud and pricks the eyes.
7) A sequined dress doesn’t have to be sparkle all over. Dresses with sequence accents look more trendy and are also comfortable and wearable, so instead of full sequence dresses, choose a dress that has a patch of sequence on the pocket or sleeve or has a slight hint of sequence. These parties are perfect.

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Styling Tips For Party Dress

What accessories to wear?
Wear these accessories with Shimmery-Shiny Sequence Party Dress:

1) Combine with solid color
If you are wearing a jacket or tights with a sequence dress, then wear black only. Don’t make the mistake of combining sparkle with sparkle. Let your sequin dress be the highlight, keep the rest of the look simple.

2) Keep Footwear Simple
While shimmery, colorful footwear may be your first choice, avoid pairing them with a sequined dress. Simple, solid colored heels or flat footwear look perfect with a sequence dress. Avoid metallic footwear.

3) Go for the no jewelry look
There is already so much bling in a sequence dress, so avoid any other type of bling. Do not wear earrings, neckpieces, bracelets or any jewellery. Keep in mind that extra bling can make your look look too crowded.

4) Layer with a sleek jacket
If you want to go for layering, then layer your sequin dress with a silk blazer or leather jacket. Keep in mind that whether it is color or detailing – keep the outer wear simple.

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Styling Tips For Party Dress

How’s the makeup?
Do this makeup with Shimmery-Shiny Sequence Party Dress:

1) The neutral look is perfect
With a bold sequence dress, you have to avoid bright colors on the face. Select the neutral color palette. This will give you the perfect look. Choose a tan brown, gray or black color for eyeshadow. Apply nude or soft pink color lipstick.

2) Apply lipgloss
After applying neutral lipstick, layer it with gloss. This will give a slight shine to the lipstick, which will complement your party dress. This will also give a brighter look to your neutral makeup.

3) Highlight the face with bronzer
Glowing skin with a sparkling dress adds to your beauty. Apply blush on your cheeks. Then dust a little bronzer. Don’t forget to apply bronzer on the forehead, neck and chest as well.

Styling Tips For Party Dress

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