Story – Hidden Pain (Short Story – Hidden Pain)

Story – Hidden Pain (Short Story – Hidden Pain)

“WEB WEB Ranjeet ji’s going to be deluded again?” Mel laughed.
“Aba at this age even by lurking behind the skin of the face? If you walk and move around, you can only bet with pegs.
“So patient?” Malika has breakfast.
“Patience and diligent strategy, not in someone’s footsteps, in their own eyes for their smartphone.” Sanjana told Ly.

To walk a long distance, to walk a long distance, is to walk a long distance. “Caring has also been shown to be what it is.”
Incredible texture from Sanjana Malika’s dagger.
“Those who are outsiders.”
Malika also engaged in non-cooperation activities.
“What do you mean by that? You and Ranjit are not the same in public?
“Say, decide something…”
“You doing mecam?”
“Okay, get it.”
It’ll be the same the first time around, as the first time you know what it’s like. When Sanjana D had air letter for her heartache to recover in some soulmate.
“Beauty of his choice to Ranjan. But knew that his orthodox family would never be ready for this heterodox marriage. Will be suitable for marriage even after marriage.
“What! You knew? Still I salute?” Malika wonders.
“Abab was never spoiled. to do this? Once upon a time, Sanjana got up with a smile, then she got louder.
“At least at least at least low quality kam ka distance will be the way. PA is also relieved. Confusing languages-handle they are also tasty. This sab sab baatte sanjana-batte samvla front and much more Be ruthless. Malika had a heart-to-heart. Buddhism is implemented in this way.

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To move forward at a fast pace. And on such an occasion, a situation like Sohaga can happen. Inherited from Malika rests on poetry. ️ garland Permanently color changing, such is the color look. In response to the mask.
There was good news that day. Sanjana was given near the mail, “Stay the dumplings.” Media reports were published rapidly. At five she was in the kitchen. The music song of Hot-Hot Catcher and Ranjanji’s Ek Ke Ek Sawan… and Sanjana had updated along with it. In this way, it is as if the pachaurs have become cannabis.
“Let them be like that.” To Ranjitji Nevilla.
“This year the rain will come this year as well.” Malik also sorted out, Tonji was shocked.

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Sanjana shuddered, “Why not Dubey but shaken! She knows.” Ranjji has once again opened up. Now it has become Malika Sanjana’s favorite pastime. Whenever they meet, they give a lot of data to Sangji. .
Sanjana, “You know, as usual on the website, Sanjana threw a tizzy with the talk. Maila also held a similar meeting.
But sometimes I wonder when husband’s sanjana di in which way they take?
, A variation of the word was also discovered in the scum. After that he was with Singar. Efforts are dangerous, this thing is also considered better. There was a wrong setting. The weather has turned bad this season. But kayta she popped for it, papa rirti r ki r ti r world her her only her only only her only her her him her her her her her her her like when it was recorded If so, it was recorded that he would do the same.
, Mail was now started by a new concern. After two months only you will get home. Will her respond? Seeing…
“So what are you like?” Malika from Udyata.
“Nothing. They are meant to make things what they are.”
“WEB WEB Ranjeet ji’s going to be deluded again?” Mel was happy.
“Aba at this age even by lurking behind the skin of the face? If you walk and move around, you can only bet with pegs.

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“So patient?” Malika has breakfast.
“Patience and diligent strategy, not in someone’s footsteps, in their own eyes for their smartphone.” Sanjana told Ly.
“But yes, sometimes
“Are you quoted?” The mail was Achanbha Sen. Sanjana was in response. In the blink of an eye, 20-22 birds are coming to play the danachugne insect game.
“These are all my dogs. to upgrade my prisoner
“You’re playing with time?”
“In a single Lala. Family members have family members, family members, worries, better-off employees and want to keep their family for one.

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Craving to believe in the thinking of Sanjana didi. Do you coincide? Just thinking about it, Malik got up. Tan’s behaving as if in his own country, in his wife’s-self is not fair. It was still as if it was helpless. Tensilely… no! This can’t happen? He can approach a person in any identity, so he is not ductile? And that which remains stable will become permanent.
Imitate Milea so thinks they were shutting down after shutting down after being sanjanna over and over again. To live in the sun and live a happy life. Meet the camaraderie, Gary. To increase the mind again and again, in order to increase the mind again and again, Amala ji on Malta is taking step by step. She knew that if she went there and came face to face with Ranjanji, she would not be able to save herself from his charms. Once updated on Lifestyle, it will update for life. But what about the game? appear?
“Garland,. Now come fast. He is going to listen once and also crazy…. The pumps should come.” Sanjana didi hung up the phone. Malika, “Hello…” got ready early in the night. Know good and crazy news? There is only one good news and how can one be crazy? The same will happen even after a distance. Food is only for Sanjana’s inedible sustenance.
“early performance”,
“Ranjan has been promoted.”
“Oh…wow! That’s great news. What’s crazy news?”

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“Promotion as well as tabla. Go ahead.”
One after the other, Malik’s colors were coming and going. Ranjanji and Sanjana were given… especially Ranjanji? Or Far Faction. ️ TIME
“Ranjan is also written like this, I will definitely read it.” Sanjana Di’s voice is not there. Maya communicated the word.
“Wh… know? Have you preached?” Playing sports like Malika only looks like this. She ray kana se se se didi ki aankh mein me in me in me in me in me in in eyes eyes of eyes of ki ki didi didi didi didi didi me in in me in in in in in in in in in in in in in in In the in in the in the in in the in in the in in the in the in separate to distinguish it. be. Please report again.
Ambience . Rain relief work. Find yourself smiling. Know? The scum forcibly tried the fruit of the salat to laughter. Sanjana has started looking very serious in appearance. Dirty’s heart was about to eat out.
“That recipe, then when is the friendship of friends. You have to keep your name to fulfill your dreams.” Last kar sanjana d’s laughing game by feeding. But the hidden pain of this hollow laugh

Anil Mathuri
Anil Mathuri

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