Sonam Kapoor Calls Sonam Kapoor ‘Aunt’, Sonam Kapoor Shameful Remarks

Sonam Kapoor Calls Sonam Kapoor ‘Aunt’, Sonam Kapoor Shameful Remarks

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Sonam Kapoor (Sonam Kapoor) is doing 37th Celesty (Sonam Kapoor’s Birthday) today. These birthdays are special for Somans, who change according to their time. There are fresh new updates as well as the type of baby run with the family.

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While changing of constant size and working as disease of better shape (also eyeballs for sonam kapoor controversies (sonam kapoor controversies) are batteries and are better and better than batteries.


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Once recorded, Aishwarya Roy Bachchan (Aishwarya Roy Bachchan) was placed in a bad position, as opposed to being spoiled. This had never been done before, so she said that she was not an aunt.

There was a saying about the aircraft – they are not sexy and

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‘Saawariya’ worked with Sanjay Kapoor (Ranbir Kapoor). Attend this meeting. The last time he did this he was done. But in momma’s season, she never bites mom. I know how it is. Also she said that she is not completely sexy.

sleep setting ad set mess

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From Sonakshi Sinha (Sonakshi Sinha), only Sonam’s scientific science will start. Once upon a time the goldsmith said in a saying that it is once established as a gold style. Whenever they were heard, he said, ‘Whenever they were dangerous, they were there.’ This small thing is also a small amount of gold.

Was telling Katrina shameless

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Katrina Kaif is also messing with (Katrina Kaif). In fact, the same thing happens in the program of this program.

media to middle exercise


Sonam Kapoor has also spared the media. For the promotion of ‘Player’, the media has now been given the report of the middle update. The phone rang on the phone with the management of the battery, but playing the middle middle of the media said “I will play with Vardan. Har middle mile season hai.”

Shobhaa De was said to be old

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Launch ‘I Hate Dumb’ Launch Launch was ‘I Hate Dumb’. On this one had written incorrectly and opposite to Shobha wrote, “Please don’t take Shobhaa Dey as a sylody. She is an old man and is staring at Menoj.”

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