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Smart Space Saving Furniture | Home Decor & Care, Interior


Due to skyrocketing property prices, buying a big and luxurious house is not everyone’s business. In cities, people often have to live in small houses. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to select furniture in a small house. To overcome your problems, we are telling some smart ideas, by which you can give an attractive look to your dream home.


sofa cum box bed
If you are also thinking of bringing it to your small size living room after seeing a luxurious sofa in the house of a friend or colleague, then do not make such a mistake. Keeping large furniture in a small room will make the room look fuller. The L shape sofa will completely cover your room and there will be absolutely no space left in the room.

smart idea
Instead of having a big sofa, you should choose a sofa cum box bed. During the day it will act as a sofa and at night you can use it as a bed. Not only this, due to being a box, you can also keep things in it.


wall bed
In big cities, especially in metro cities, the rooms of flats are so small that after keeping a king size bed, there is no space left in the bedroom. Even though it is a pleasure to sleep on a king size bed, but it covers the entire room, so that only the bed will be visible in the room.

smart idea
If you want, following the new trend, you can take a wall bed for the bedroom. With this, when you want to sleep, then lower the bed, otherwise fit it on the wall.


Dining Table and Chairs
Nowadays instead of dining room, dining area has started getting. There is a place on one side of the hall, where people keep the dining table. After the arrival of the guests, the dining chairs sometimes have to be adjusted above the table or in some way.

smart idea
Such dining tables have started being found in the market, which are joined together after the work is over. Not only does this save table space, but you can also keep dining-related items in it.


fold down table
The compulsion to keep a large study table in the living room spoils the look of the room. This makes the room look full as well as ugly. When someone comes, you do not understand what to do with this study table.

smart idea
Throw away your old study table and bring home the fold down table. It fits in the wall. Put it on when you want to use it. It fits on the wall in such a way that it looks like a painting.


stair drawers
Due to the large family, do you have many cupboards and wardrobes in your house, which occupy the space. You do not have to spend and build a separate drawer in the house to keep the goods. You can use the same space by adjusting it properly.

smart idea
You can also use the stairs made at home to keep things. Make a drawer under the stairs. They will not take up extra space and you can easily keep things in them. Not only this, with this you will not even need to keep a separate shoe rack.


ironing board mirror
Do not forget to reduce the size of the bedroom by keeping a big dressing table in the house. This will make the room look smaller. Along with this, the ironing board occupying the space to press the clothes also spoils the look of the house.

smart idea
You can club these two if you want. Yes, you can do both with the ironing board mirror.


painting cum jewelry storage
Generally women are very fond of jewelry. They have a good collection of jewellery. In such a situation, she hangs the jewelery behind the door, sometimes on the wall hanging, which spoils the look of the room. Don’t make such mistake. To keep the jewellery, make a painting cum jewelry storage on the wall. With this all the jewelery will be safe and the look of the bedroom/living room will also change.


book chair
Books are scattered all over the house and there is no place to make a separate book shelf to keep them, so bring home a book chair and save extra space today.


window blinds
If you do not have a place to dry clothes in your house, then you can use your window blinds. Due to this, there will be no extra space to dry clothes in the house and clothes will also get dry.

– Shweta Singh


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