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Home bedroom Smart Home Management Ideas

Smart Home Management Ideas

Smart Home Management Ideas

If you want to keep every corner of the house clean and organized, then follow these smart home management tricks and it is called Smart Home Manager. Home Management


living room
* First of all, do not make the mistake of filling the living room with furniture and antique things. Keep as much furniture and decorative pieces as is necessary. This makes it easier to manage.

* Select sofa cover or curtains in a slightly dark color. They don’t get dirty very quickly.

* If using light color, it is better to keep more than one pair of sofa covers, curtains, cushion covers, etc., so that its cleaning becomes easy.

* Make a collage of all the photos and put one or two frames instead of many photoframes. This will give a clean look to the living room.

* Use the space behind the sofa smartly. Fill extra blankets, cushions, decorative items in boxes and put them behind the sofa. You can also stuff extra books in the trunk and keep them here.

*Check your entertainment corner once. Check the collection of DVD or CD. Delete the movie that you have watched and whose collection you do not want to keep. Do not keep unnecessary things in the house. This will make it easier to manage the house and also save time.

* Do not save every decorative item or piece thinking that so much money was spent or where will you get such things now. This will make your home a storehouse of antiques and it will be difficult for you to manage them. If new things are brought into the house, then old things will have to be removed.

* If you have kept lotus pond, vase etc. in the living room, then take special care of its cleaning. Change its water daily so that diseases do not develop.

* Keep the books in a glass shelf. This will make it easier to find books. Yes, do not forget to clean them from time to time.

* Do not keep postponing cleaning thinking that they will clean together. Keep cleaning every 15 days. With this, where your house will remain healthy, it will also look clean.


kitchen management

* Keep things that are frequently used in one place, so that time is not wasted in searching for them.

* Also arrange the crockery according to its use. Keep the daily or frequently used crockery in the lower shelf and the occasional crockery in the upper shelf.

* Set the cooking range near the gas, such as keep spices, salt, sugar jars, cooking pans, pans, etc. on the shelf near the gas, so that it is easy to use.

* Keep a shopping list in the kitchen at all times. As soon as something is out of stock, add it to the list immediately. With this you will know what are not in the kitchen and you will be saved from the last minute rush.

* Many women have a habit that if any plastic container is empty, then they start using it in the kitchen. Due to this, the kitchen not only looks unorganized, but it also looks messy. Therefore, it is better to give up the temptation of plastic containers and keep only as many containers as you need.

* Do not make the fridge a storage unit for unnecessary things. Keep removing spoiled vegetables, stale things daily. With this, the fridge will be easily maintained, it is also important for your health.

* Take special care of cleanliness in the kitchen. Make sure to have exhaust fan installed. Due to this, less dust and soil accumulates in the kitchen and the kitchen remains clean.

* Hang a plastic bag near the kitchen platform and after cutting anything, put the garbage in it. By doing this the kitchen will be clean. Also, keep napkins as well. Use dry towels or if possible disposable paper napkins to wipe hands.



* We often use the drawers of the bedroom to store the unnecessary things and when those things are needed, we destroy the whole bedroom in search of them. So avoid doing this. Set aside a place for everything and keep it there after use. This will not only keep your bedroom organized but also save your time.

* Beds are not just for sleeping. You can smartly use its bottom-up and surrounding space for storage. But this does not mean that you should put anything anywhere.

* For this, you bring colorful storage tray and plastic bin and keep things in it. You can arrange it well under the bed or on the side. Keep cleaning these trays and plastic bins from time to time.

* While selecting every furniture of the bedroom, even the night table, keep the storage in mind.

* Dressing table in small houses is also often kept in the bedroom. Use colorful trays for cosmetics. Jewelery and
Use a hanging organizer for accessories. Many pockets are made in it and your earrings, jewellery, watches etc. are well arranged in this.

* After waking up every morning, make a rule that five minutes will be given to organize the bedroom. Keep all the bedsheets, pillows, quilts etc. folded. If something seems unnecessary, remove it. With this your bedroom will always be manageable.


wardrobe management

*Check your wardrobe after every season. Remove any clothes from the wardrobe that are not going to be used in the next season.

* The clothes that you are not able to decide whether to wear or not, take them out of the wardrobe.
Similarly, whenever you buy new clothes, toys, books etc., then remove the old and unused things. With this, the house will not be filled with unnecessary things and it will also be easy to manage.

* Keep the clothes of each season separately and at the end of one season, clean and pack those clothes properly, so that they can be used easily in the next season. This will make your wardrobe clean and manageable.

* Keep similar clothes, such as shirt, suit, western wear, Indian wear, party wear etc. in one part of the wardrobe. With this, you will not have to search the entire wardrobe when you need it.

* Keep heavy suits, saris, heavy children’s clothes, gents suits, which are rarely worn, in the suitcase.

* Hanging plastic bags with many pockets should also be kept in the wardrobe. In this you can keep jewellery, cosmetics, accessories etc.

* Build drawers to increase storage space. It is also easy to manage clothes in these.

* Always keep the clothes in the wardrobe by ironing them. With this, while the wardrobe will remain organized, the clothes will also be in good condition.

* Buy good quality hangers and keep clothes on them only. Due to this there will be no folds on the clothes and there will be no possibility of rusting in them.

a few things

* Any such thing, which is in good condition, but does not work for you, it is better to donate it to someone than throwing it.

* Business or visiting cards are difficult to manage, so it is better to save them on the phone or use a digital contact list
Make it

Make a habit of filing important papers and bills instead of keeping them here and there. With this, there will be no fear of losing them and they will be easily found if needed.

To give a clean look to the house, remove broken, worn and unnecessary things immediately, such as-

* Expired food items

* Shopping, restaurant bills that are not required

* Broken waste electronic or kitchen appliances, games etc.

* Old Cosmetics, Jewelery

* children’s old toys

* Non-essential clothing or other items


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