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Silk Care Meri Saheli India’s most best-selling women’s Hindi


Maintaining the shine of silk clothes requires special care, so keep some things in mind while washing them.

1. Machine washing spoils silk clothes quickly, so hand wash or dry clean silk clothes.

2. There is a fear of losing the color of some silk clothes, so before soaking in water, check the cloth by soaking it at the corner.

3. Use a protein rich shampoo to wash silk clothes.

4. Soak silk clothes in vinegar. Due to this, the soap will not have an adverse effect on the clothes and the stains will also come out easily. To remove the smell of vinegar from clothes, wash the clothes with clean water after washing them.

5. After washing silk clothes, dry them without squeezing them.

Use liquid gum to apply starch to silk fabrics, especially sarees.

7. Iron the cloth only when it is slightly wet. This increases the shine of the fabric.


8. Fix badly shrunk silk clothes by placing them under the steamer.

9. Do not use hard chemicals to get rid of the stains on silk clothes. For this use chemicals available in the market.

10. Always keep silk saree wrapped in muslin or cotton cloth.

11. At the interval of few months, expose the saree to sunlight for a while, it will not stink from the saree.

12. Never hang silk sarees on iron or wooden hangers, as there may be a possibility of reaction in them.

13. Always read the label before washing silk clothes, if it is written for dryclean, then do not make the mistake of washing them at home, otherwise the shine of the clothes will be lost.

14. Don’t make the mistake of putting silk clothes in the dryer.

15. Always wash silk clothes separately, do not make the mistake of washing them with other clothes.


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