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How to keep sarees clean and safe? ( How to keep a clean and safe saris?)



The love of women never diminishes. No matter how many saris are there in the wardrobe, yet she keeps on buying new saris. In such a situation, proper care of sarees becomes very important. How to keep sarees clean and safe? Come, let us tell you.

Cotton Saree

Cotton sarees give an elegant look, but cotton tends to lose its color faster than other fabrics, causing the fabric to lose its luster. So take care of cotton saree like this:
* Before washing the cotton sari for the first time, soak it in lukewarm water with rock salt and soak it for 15 minutes. This will make the color of the saree firm.
* Always wash cotton sarees separately from other clothes.
* Never soak cotton sarees in detergent.
* Do not make the mistake of squeezing after washing.
* Always dry it in the shade.
* Press when it is slightly wet.

tissue and organza saree

Tissue and organza sarees are more popular because of their sheen. Women especially like to wear them in party-functions. Give special treatment to these special sarees of yours:
* Never make the mistake of washing the tissue and organza saree at home, always get it dry cleaned.
* Do not keep in the hanger for a long time in the cupboard. This can spoil the shape of the saree.
* Always keep it tied in muslin cloth, this will keep the saree safe.
Remove the saree from time to time and keep it folded again. Due to this, fold marks are not made on the saree.

washcare emb

zari sari

Sarees with heavy embroidery and zari are very expensive. If such sarees are not taken care of properly, then they get spoiled very quickly.
* Do not make the mistake of folding zari sarees immediately after wearing them. Spread them in the air first. This will dry up the sweat in the sari and it will not spoil at all.
* Never keep washed and unwashed sarees together.
* Instead of keeping the sari worn once, keep it hanging in a hanger.
* Although it is better to get the zari sarees dry cleaned, but if you want to wash them at home, then wash the saree by dissolving mild soap in water and dry it in the shade.
* If something falls on the sari, then clean it with light hands with a soft toothbrush.
* Instead of washing the whole saree, just cleaning the zari and work with a damp cloth and drying it under a fan will also make the saree look like new.
* Never keep the blouse folded along with the saree.

chiffon and georgette saree

Chiffon and georgette sarees require special treatment. The easier it is to wear them, the more difficult it is to save them.
*Avoid machine wash. Always clean chiffon and georgette sarees with light hands.
* Do not make the mistake of squeezing the saree after washing. This causes wrinkles on the saree.
* Do not put too many clips to keep the saree from flying while spreading. Due to this marks are made on the saree.
* Do not keep the saree in the hanger for a long time in the wardrobe. This damages the fabric.
* Do not keep the saree folded in a suitcase or cupboard for a long time, take it out after a few days and keep it folded again. Due to this, fold marks are not made in the saree.


silk saree

Silk sarees are very difficult to maintain. It also takes a lot of time to wear it, but after wearing it, you look most special in the party. If kept properly, silk sarees remain like new for years.
* It would be better to get the silk saree drycleaned. If you want to wash it at home, then use shampoo. For this, wash the sari in three parts i.e. wash the pallu, the rest part and the border separately.
* Keep the saree folded again every three months. Due to this there will be no fold marks in the saree.
* Keep silk sarees separate from the rest of the fabric.
* Always keep them wrapped in clean cotton cloth, do not keep them hanging like this in the cupboard.

Paithani Saree

The traditional Paithani saree of Maharashtra is one of the expensive sarees. It is woven by hand. Women especially like Paithani saris with pallu designs and square borders. How to take care of Paithani sarees? Come let’s know.
* Remove Paithani saree every 6 months and show sunlight.
* Keep changing its folds from time to time. It will not leave marks.
* Paithani sarees do not need to be pressed.
* To protect the saree from insects in the suitcase, instead of keeping naphthalene tablets, keep cloves.
* Do not make the mistake of hanging them and keeping them in a plastic bag. If possible, always keep Paithani sarees in a wooden cupboard.

smart tips

Use a special type of cover/envelope to keep the saree. With this, the sarees will always remain new.
– Saree often breaks from the side of the fall, so after use, clean the dirt in the fall with a light brush.
Do not spray perfume on zari sarees. This makes it dark.
The smell starts coming from the sarees kept in the suitcase for a long time. To remove it, put dried flowers and leaves in a suitcase.
– Fold the sarees with heavy embroidery and zardozi upside down. This will not spoil the stones etc. in the saree.
Keep checking the sarees by taking them out of the cupboard at the time of rain.


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