Sacred Games actress Kubra Sait reveals she was sexually abused by her ‘uncle’ as a child! , people news

New Delhi: Actress Kubra Sait, who rose to fame after her role in Sacred Games, recently came out with her memoir titled ‘Open Book: Not Enough a Memoir’, in which she shares her life journey. In a special part, he referred to the horrific incident of facing sexual abuse as a teenager.

In the book, Kubbra Sait reveals that she was abused by her ‘uncle’, who was considered a ‘pari’ by her family. She wrote: “When Mamma sighed to take back that cash, I sighed too. Just then, one hand slipped into the back seat of the car where I was sitting and shrugged off my dress. X, which is now my Uncle was not there, rubbed my thigh, smiled. I was numb at that moment… He started visiting our house again and again, and Mama would laugh with him and cook for him. In front of him, he licked my cheek I would kiss and say, ‘Oh my Kubrati, you’re my favorite little si’. Even though I was uncomfortable, I kept quiet.”

She elaborated on her first sexual assault incident, “It shouldn’t have happened, but it was happening. I should have screamed, but I couldn’t. I should have run to help, but I was stunned.” Gone. The kiss went on. He reassured me that this was what I wanted, that it would make me feel better. He kept repeating it until I felt deaf, and then he unbuttoned his trousers. I wasn’t sure what was really happening, but I remember thinking, I’m losing my virginity. It was a big deal, but it was also my shameful secret.”

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