Poetry – Me and Woh… (Kave – Me and that…)

Poetry – Me and Woh… (Kave – Me and that…)

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i was getting ken
that’s the stigma
i’m becoming zin
it’s a slit
i’m moving on
and degrees
that fast and for
I weather
conversation with voro
homecoming nights
she stays awake till night
I in the world and the kingdom
He is in worship and tamardari
I come from the shadow of the image Thab
He checks my opinion too
voice study
i am mascara
it was seen through the eyes
i earn
universe in vodo
i’m out of the sky
be wrong in besan pudding
U️ hers palms palms palms ️
still like madita
I become husband and father
But always mother remains.

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Meenakshi Saurabh
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Photo Courtesy: Freepik

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