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Home home care natural pest control Meri Saheli India's most best-selling women

natural pest control Meri Saheli India’s most best-selling women

Natural Pest Control

No Pests

If it is not possible to call an expert repeatedly to get pest control done at home, then you can do this work yourself. What are the natural methods of pest control? Come let’s know.



To get rid of cockroaches, mix equal amounts of baking soda and powdered sugar and sprinkle it on the drainage area.
Knead by mixing equal quantity of baking soda, flour and powdered sugar. Make small tablets of it and stick them on the cupboard, shelf etc.


To drive away mosquitoes, put camphor in light hot water in a dark open vessel and leave it open.
Mosquitoes away even with blue low voltage tube lights
run away.
Always get mesh windows and doors installed in the house. Keep the cooler and water tank clean from time to time.


Wipe the kitchen floor by mixing vinegar in water.
Draw a line at the entrance of the kitchen with chalk (available in the market), this keeps ants away.
Put lemon juice on the place where the ants come out.

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An empty, broken eggshell isolated on white with clipping path.


Lizards can be kept away by hanging eggshells on the windowsill.
Draw a line from the chalk (available in the market) at the entrance of the rooms of the house.


Keep a rat net around the kitchen.
Seal the gas pipeline and drainage.
Always keep food items covered.


Thread lemon and green chilies in a thread and hang them on the doors and windows of the house.
Plant basil and mint plants around the kitchen.

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