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Natural Cleaners Meri Saheli India’s most best-selling women’s


Always available solutions in the market for cleaning and Instead of relying on detergents, you can use what you have at home.


1. Lemon- The citric acid found in lemon acts as a natural bleach. Many types of stains can be removed with this.
* If the copper utensil has got soot due to the use of gas or stove, then rub it with lemon and salt, the copper will shine.
* If your plastic tiffin has oil stains and smells, then keep the tiffin in lemon juice overnight and clean it with baking soda the next day.
The kitchen sink can be cleaned by mixing a solution of salt and soap in lemon juice.
* You can clean white water stains on doors, windows with lemon.


2. Salt- Salt not only enhances the taste of food, but also acts as a cleansing agent.
* If there are yellow stains on the bathroom, bathtub or toilet seat, then it can be removed with salt and turpentine oil.
* To get rid of stains in iron utensils, make a paste by mixing salt with hot water and clean the utensils with it.
* If the jeans are too dirty, then put a teaspoon of salt in a bucket of water and keep the jeans for 10-15 minutes. Due to this the color of the jeans will not go away.
* If the carpet is stained, sprinkle salt on the stained area and wipe it with a wet cloth.


3. Baking soda- Baking soda used in cooking is also used for cleaning.
* To clean the stains inside the microwave, scrub with baking soda mixed with lemon juice.
* To clean the greasy and dirt accumulated on the kitchen slab where you cook food, add soda to lukewarm water at that place. After 10 minutes clean it off with a scrub.
* To clean the burnt utensils, mix baking soda in soapy water. Put this solution in a burnt vessel and leave it overnight. Wash and rub in the morning, the utensils will shine.
* To clean the carpet, sprinkle a small amount of soda all over the carpet and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. The smell will go away from the carpet.
* Clean the sink and basin by mixing a solution of soda and soap in hot water.


4. Potato- Potato not only brings variety to the food, but it also comes in handy for cleanliness.
* Cut potato slices and rub them on the rusty stuff, it will cut the rust and clean it completely.
* Cutting a potato slice and rubbing it on the glass clears the glass.
* To clean silver, keep jewelry or utensils in the water in which potatoes have been boiled for 20 minutes. Silver will shine.
* If any glass item breaks down in the house, then pick up large pieces of glass and cut potato slices to collect fine pieces and rub them on the place where the goods have fallen, due to this the glass pieces will get stuck in the potato.


5. Tamarind- Tamarind is also used for food as well as for cleaning work.
* Metal jewelry other than silver, which is difficult to clean with soap, can be cleaned with tamarind. Put the jewelery in the water mixed with tamarind, all the dirt will come out.
* Clean brass and copper utensils and other instruments with tamarind pulp.
* Rub tamarind pulp on the rusty metal tap, the tap will be clean.
* Clean the kitchen chimney with tamarind water.

Cleaning window by applying natural solution from spray bottle and rubbing glass with sheet of crumpled newspaper.

6. Old newspaper- If you sell the old newspaper in the trash considering it useless, then do not do it from now on, because apart from cleaning the glass from the newspaper, you can use it for many other things.
* Clean glass utensils and other items with paper. For this, soak the paper in water and clean it.
* If your shoes are wet or water/tea has spilled on the desk, use paper to dry it. Paper absorbs water quickly.
* To keep green vegetables fresh, wrap them in paper.

bottle vinegar

7. Vinegar- Vinegar used in Chinese cuisine is also a great thing.
Bathroom tiles and dirty windows can be cleaned easily by dipping a cloth in vinegar solution.
* Fill 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 cup water in a microwave proof bowl and cook on high micro for 5 minutes. The steam of vinegar and water will remove the bad smell coming from the microwave and the stains will be lightened.
* Clean the microwave surface, door and other parts by dipping a cloth or sponge in it after the vinegar and water mixture has cooled.


8. Toothpaste Tricks- Toothpaste that cleans teeth in the morning also comes in handy for cleaning the kitchen.
You can use toothpaste to clean the walls of the kitchen.
* Apply toothpaste on a wet cloth and rub the wall with it. The greasy wall will be cleaned quickly.


9. Borax- With Borax, you can brighten up your kitchen in minutes.
* Mix 1/4 cup lemon juice in 1 cup borax and prepare a paste. Now clean the platform, slab, floor etc. with this paste.


10. Hydrogen Peroxide- You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean kitchen platforms and tiles.
* First spray a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the floor/platform and then wipe with a clean cloth.
* Due to this, stubborn stains will also come out easily.


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