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Miss Monsoon

Miss Monsoon


Perfect color selection is essential to be called Miss Monsoon. So, which colors will be in this season, also know this.

Miss Monsoon

* Bright colors are perfect for monsoons.
* Add thin fabric T-shirts of bright colors to your wardrobe.
Miss Monsoon

* Try outfits in colors like Deep Beige, Olive Green, Rose Gold, Fuchsia Pink, Lemon Yellow, Turcoy, Sea Green etc.
* Apart from this, aquatic colors will also be in fashion, there will be shades of gray to blue and green.

Miss Monsoon

* Fusion of colors will be a hot trend. Pair this sea green top with fuchsia pink shorts and create an exploration of color trend.
* Where pastel colors are in summer, the same will be bright pastel colors in this monsoon.

Miss Monsoon

* You can also color block your look. This will also be the great fashion trend of this season. Try everything from hat to toe in different shades of blue.
* Mint green shade will also give you a fresh look in this monsoon.

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Miss Monsoon

* Earlier these colors were considered to be of summer, but now the trend is changing, so these colors will be worn in monsoon too.
* Apart from these, bold colors will also be there, because they are favorite in monsoon.
* Another color trend that you will see this monsoon is bright pastel colours.

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Photo Courtesy- royzez_com, LIVA

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