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mapping correction

Very few people get the perfect figure (Figure Correction), but if you want, you can conceal these imperfections with the right styling and look beautiful.

mapping correction

If the height is short and you are fat
* Keep your look as simple as possible.
* You can try draped tops and dresses. The body structure is not emphasized in these dresses, which also disguises the width and also makes the height look good.
* You can also try long flowing tops.
* Wear heels or wedges with bootcut bottoms.
* Floor length dresses paired with high heels

what not to do
* Avoid sleeveless and cut sleeves.
Apart from that, you should also avoid horizontal stripes and flat shoes.
* You should never try layers.

Neck is short and thick
* Wear tops with a V-neckline or tops with a wide neckline.
* Complete your look with a long thin chain instead of short and chunky jewelry.

what not to do
* Avoid tops with small round necks, collars and stand-up collars.
* Avoid shirts as much as possible.
* Also pay attention to your posture. Always sit up straight to look tall.

mapping correction

if the bust is too wide
*Tops with graphic cutouts and shorter V-necks are specially for you.
* Choose top from solid colors in dark shade or jeweled tone.
* Use a scarf. This will give you a great look.

what not to do
* Avoid too much color contrast.
* Horizontal stripes, intricate prints and chunky jewelry always
* Avoid empire cuts.

when the hips are big
* The hips are covered, wear such long tops.
* You should try peplum.
* Long tops and sheath dresses are ideal for you.
* Wear dark jeans and pants. Bootcut pants will also look good on you.

what not to do
* Avoid low litter floors.
* Also avoid short tops and skinny jeans.
* You will look better in heels than in flats.

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mapping correction

if the waist is wide
* Long tops and tunics, kaftans and straight-cut tops are ideal for you.
*Add peplum belt at top.
* Empire lines, peplums, illusion prints, drapes, knots, and Mid-West silhouettes are all yours.

what not to do
* Never wear fitted or cropped tops.

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mapping correction

when Thais are fat
* Wear straight pants.
* Long maxi skirts, palazzo pants, maxi dresses are ideal for you.

what not to do
* You should avoid leggings.
* Avoid short dresses, skinny jeans, shorts and tight clothing.

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