Malaika Arora Reveals How Son Arhaan Khan Was ‘Thundering On Phone’ After Car Accident people news

New Delhi: Malaika Arora in her latest interview recalled how her son Arhaan Khan, who is studying abroad, became extremely worried after learning about his car accident. She reveals that Arhaan was keen to fly to India immediately, and breaks down over the phone.

In an interview with Times of India, Malaika said, ‘I had just come back after seeing Arhaan. It was only 48 hours and the incident happened. I was at work in the US and he had spring break. So we also spent a lot of time together. After my accident, he was yelling at the phone, and he was worried and ready to go on the next flight. What do you expect from a child in such a situation, especially when he is miles away from home?”

“Everyone was talking to him but he didn’t want to believe anyone. His friends had called him up and told him things. He had no idea how much I was hurt. He was only sure. Wanted to make sure I was fine. Although she was told everything about my surgery and recovery, she didn’t believe anyone. She thought everyone was calming her down. We both weren’t calm until then. until we spoke. I knew he knew what had happened, and once I fainted, I spoke to him and assured him that I was fine. Life is very delicate and strange. One The minute, you’re bouncing and the next minute, you may be nearing death.”

For those unaware, in April this year, Malaika met an accident near Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and was admitted to a hospital, which was kept under observation. She came home the same day after a few injuries. The model-actress was traveling with her driver and bodyguard.

Arhaan is the son of Malaika’s ex-husband Arbaaz Khan. The two continued to raise their child and remained friends even after their separation.

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