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Make Your Home Super Cool in Summer (20 Summer Home Decor Ideas You Can Easily DIY)

20 Summer Home Decor Tips: Make Your Home Super Cool in Summer (20 Summer Home Decor Ideas You Can Easily DIY)

To keep the house cool in summer, you have to make some changes in your house. To give a super cool look to the house without making too many changes, try our smart decor ideas that will be of great use to you.

Home Decor Ideas

20 Summer Home Decor Tips

1) Floral, stripes etc. prints look good in summer, so choose fabric with summer special prints for curtains, cushions, bedsheets etc.

2) The size of the window, the color of the curtains, the texture, the pattern can change the look of the house, so pay special attention to the window dressing. While choosing the curtains, take special care that they match with the sofa, otherwise the house will not look organized.

3) Venetian blind i.e. mat-like curtains can also be used in summer.

4) In summer, you can decorate your home with floral themes of soft colors like pink, lavender, yellow, aqua blue. This theme will give a fresh and new look to your home.

5) Citrus colors like yellow, orange, peach are perfect for decorating the house in summer. The specialty of the citrus theme is that all its colors match each other. You can give a citrus theme to your home by using all these colors.

6) Decorate the room with fresh flowers to give a cool and fresh look to the living room in summer. This will enhance the color of the room and your living room will smell with the fragrance of flowers. Use fragrant flowers like roses, lilies, tulips to make the house smell pleasant.

7) To give a modern look to the house in summer, choose sleek furniture of glass, leather, metal.

8) Instead of keeping a lot of accessories in the house, decorate the house with some special art work, family photographs, flowers, candles etc.

9) To get enough sunlight in the house, put curtains of white or light shade. Also, keep all the windows of the house open as far as possible, so that sunlight and fresh air can come freely in the house.

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Home Decor Ideas

Practical Tips

10) White color paint is the perfect option to give a fresh and bright look to the house. Another advantage of this is that any color matches with white color, so you do not have to think too much while choosing furniture. The combination of soft colors like olive green, yellow, aqua blue with white looks good. You can also try this combination.

11) Choose the colors of paint, furniture or decor items in such a way that they match each other. Using too many colors makes the house look chaotic, avoid doing so.

12) You spend very private moments in the bedroom, so decorate your bedroom the way you want it to look i.e. bed of your choice, bedsheet, curtains, dressing table, wardrobe, lights, photo frame, wall decor etc. Yes, if there are heavy curtains of dark color in the bedroom, then replace them with soft color floral print curtains like yellow, peach, blue. Floral prints of light pastel shades can also be used for bed sheets.

13) You can also get relief from the heat by rearranging the furniture of the room. For this, remove the extra furniture present in the room. This will make the room look bigger and the coolness in the room will also remain.

14) In summer, even if the seating arrangement is on the ground, there is a feeling of coolness. For this, by laying a mattress in the room, decorate the cushion on top of it. This will also change the look of the room and will also give a feeling of coolness.

15) If you use carpet in the living room, then remove the carpet from the room in summer. In summer, the feeling of coolness in the room remains from the plane floor.

16) Decorate the dining table with napkins and plate mats in shades of orange, olive green, yellow etc. In summer, napkins and plate mats of checks, floral, fruity prints can be used.

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Home Decor Ideas

Decorate the house with indoor plants in summer

In summer, nothing can be better than indoor plants to decorate the house from inside, they not only make the room beautiful and colorful, but also give positive energy and improve your mood.

Home Decor Ideas

17) Plants like pothos, if dried on the table in the corner of the bedroom, give positive energy. Indoor plants are best for bedroom, as they remove toxic gases from the air and make the atmosphere fresh.

18) You can put hanging plants on the windowsill or kitchen shelf, they definitely look attractive. Arrowhead, Air Plant Tillandsia, Boston Ferns always look beautiful. Hanging plants are not only beautiful to look at but also enhance the beauty of the room.

19) Decorate the orchid flower plant on the center table, it will add to the beauty of your living room.

20) Some plants like money plant do not need soil, they thrive in water only. You can grow such plants at home by keeping them in a glass bowl. They look very attractive near a window, on a side table or on a shelf.


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