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Luck can change even with these 5 things kept in the kitchen, try it once (5 Vastu Tips For Kitchen)

Luck can change even with these 5 things kept in the kitchen, try it once (5 Vastu Tips For Kitchen)

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According to Vastu Shastra, the items kept in the kitchen can change your destiny. You don’t need to do much for this. Just have to keep them in the right direction. Let’s take a look at those kitchen items that can change your destiny.

Many times there comes a time in life, when some work keeps getting made, financial loss starts or problems start coming in family life and we do not understand the reason for them. In such a situation, take a look at your kitchen and the items kept in the kitchen. You will be surprised a little, but it is absolutely true. Items kept in the kitchen can change your destiny

gas stove

Vastu Tips For Kitchen

The most important item in the kitchen is the gas stove, on which food is cooked keeping in mind the health and taste of the whole family. Therefore, while keeping the gas stove, take special care of its direction. Keep the gas in the kitchen at such a place, from where the cook can see the door, that is, the cook’s eyes are directly on the door. By doing this, the stress in life is removed.


Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Like gas, keep the microwave at that place, from where the eyes of the cook go directly to the door. If it is not possible to do this, then keep the microwave in the south-west direction. By doing this, positivity comes in life and the health of the whole family remains fine.


Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Do not keep this electronic item in the south direction even by mistake. According to Vastu, keeping the fizz in the south direction, eating the food kept inside it has a bad effect on the health of the family members.

black colored marble

Vastu Tips For Kitchen

If a new kitchen is being built, then the direction of making the kitchen should be igneous. Take special care that do not get black colored marble / stone installed in the kitchen even by forgetting. According to Vastu, doing so is inauspicious.


If the pan is not used, then keep it in such a place that it is not visible. That is, keep the pan on the side or on the shelf. Do not keep in open place. Never pour water on a hot pan. By doing this, the sound of a filter can call for troubles in your life. After cooking, when the tawa cools down, then clean it with lemon and salt. With this, the tawa will be shiny, as well as your luck will also shine.

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