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If you want to give a different look to the dream home, then do a home makeover in minutes with just lights. How can you give your life with different types of lights?
New look for the house? Come on, let’s know.


drum light
Drum light is a great idea to give a new look to the house in minutes. Just fit it on the ceiling and as soon as you switch on the whole room will look new. There are many designs of drum lights available in the market, you can get the lights of your choice installed. If the walls of your house are already painted with different colors, then select white, wooden, cream color. If the color of the walls is white, then the selection of colorful drum lights will be the best.


cage light
If you want to give a unique look to the living room, then select the cage lighting. This changes the look of the room in minutes. This light is in trend right now. Usually such lights are found only in some houses.


center bowl light
If you want to do an instant makeover of the dining room, then the center bowl light will be the best option. According to the size of the dining room, you can select small / big lights. The special thing is that such lights do not sting the eyes and give a different look to the dining room.


cluster light
Decorating with cluster lights not only changes the look of the room, but also changes your mood. In this type of lights, many bulbs are together in a single chain, which looks very beautiful to see. Believe me, the attention of the guests coming to the house will be again and again on the lights and they will not be able to live without praising you.


globe light
The specialty of globe light is that you can set it in any room. Whether it is the living room or the dining room, it fits everywhere and enhances the beauty of the room. It hangs slightly below the ceiling, which gives a rich look to the room. You too can do a home makeover with globe lights.


cleaning tips
While cleaning the whole house, do not make the mistake of cleaning the lights yourself. This can break the lights. It would be better to get this work done by calling a professional/lightman. While taking the lights, if any booklet has been given with them, then follow the cleaning and caring tips written in it.

smart ideas
* Choose the lights keeping in mind the size of the room, decor etc.
* Take care of the quality. Always choose a good brand of lights, otherwise they can go bad quickly.
* If you have to buy lights for a special occasion, then talk to your lightman once so that he can give you good advice.
* It would be better to choose simple lights. She always gives a classy look.

– Shweta Singh


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