KK’s daughter Tamara shares funeral details, ‘Love you for ever date…’

Keke’s daughter Tamara shares funeral details, writes – “Love you for her date…” (KK’s daughter Tamara shares funeral details, says ‘Love you forever dad’)

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🙏 Share Funeral Card Tamara has written a heart-wrenching note.

At 53 o’clock on May 31, the U.K. When the timing malfunctions, timing KK lives out in Kota’s Kota international. Till KK team. Till then it was fine. KK speaking this world far away.

KK’s funeral will be held today or on June 2. Shingar’s daughter Tamara made a post on social media about the funeral. Along with this, a note has also been written shaking the heart.


Keke’s daughter Tamara missed the dates of her funeral. Along with, “Love you for your dat”

The Tamars have applied Surma. Tamara is a Shinger, Sonty Montria and Producer in her own right. , in which ktha kasauthirophone kantaurophone kanaurophone s t m kar kar kar kar r karne kar kar kar karte kar kar kar t kar kar kar ma kar kar karma

For Cotart who sat 53 hours to crawl. They are live on Kota’s weather platform. Team match too. They are always changing in case they go wrong. Even the last rites of the popular Shingar in Mumbai today.

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