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Kitchen Care


We often leave the kitchen in disarray and scattered in order to get the work done in a hurry. To overcome this problem, we have gathered effective tips related to kitchen maintenance.

* To keep the kitchen platform always clean, while working, hang a plastic bag on the platform and after cutting anything, put the garbage in it. By doing this the platform will always be clean.

* Keep changing the napkins used in the kitchen. Do not use the same napkin throughout the day. Use dry towels or if possible disposable paper napkins to wipe hands.

* To clean kitchen doors, cabinet handles and fridge handles, mix a teaspoon of chlorine bleach in a mug of water and rub it thoroughly with a clean cloth.

* Do not install shed bulbs in the kitchen, because they do not spread the full light in the kitchen.

* Paint the kitchen cabinet with varnish from inside. By doing this, insects and cockroaches will not come.

* For cleaning the kitchen cabinet, clean the cabinet by mixing equal quantity of lemon juice in a quarter cup of hot water. Lemon juice cleans the sticky stains of metal and wood grease, oil etc.

* To remove the smell coming from the glass jar, light a match and put it inside the jar and close the lid of the jar and leave it for a few minutes. Afterwards wash with a solution of soap and warm water. The smell will go away.

* To remove the labels on new utensils and other things, apply kerosene oil on them and wipe them with a soft cloth and leave it for a while. Then wash with water, the label will come off.

* At least 40 cm on one side of microwave, cooking range, oven etc. leave the place.

* To avoid the smell coming from the kitchen sink, add colored and concentrated naphthalene balls to it.


* To clean the whiteness in the kitchen sink, mix 3-4 teaspoons of vinegar in half a cup of water and leave it for a while by putting it in the sink. Afterwards wipe it off with a newspaper.

* If the kitchen sink is jammed, mix salt and soda in equal quantities and put them in the hole of the sink. Then add 1 tsp detergent. After 15 minutes pour a sharp stream of hot water and then add cold water. The sink will be completely clean.

* Use baking soda to clean the stains etc. in the sink.

* To clean the dirt accumulated on the kitchen tiles, add a little detergent powder and rub it with a sponge or soft cloth and clean it with warm water. After that wipe it dry.

* To clean the greasiness on the clothes used for cleaning the kitchen, add half a cup of ammonia to the detergent and wash the clothes.

* To clean the windows of the kitchen, mix a quarter cup of alcohol in a third cup of vinegar and clean the windows with this mixture.

* If oil, ghee or milk falls on the kitchen floor, sprinkle dry flour on it and clean it with a newspaper. The greasiness and spots will be completely cleared.

* Never mix ammonia and bleach together for cleaning. It emits harmful fumes which are injurious to health.

* After using it to maintain the sharpness of the knife, wash and wipe it immediately and then keep it wrapped in paper.


* Where the gas cylinder is kept, there are marks on the ground. Therefore, instead of keeping the cylinder, melt the wax and put it. Keeping the cylinder on top of it does not leave any marks.

* If suddenly you have to leave the house for some work and there is no time to wash the dirty dishes, then close the sink drain and put hot water containing detergent in it and keep the dirty utensils. Due to this, the lint on the utensils will not dry up.

* To remove the smell of fish from the kitchen, fry one or two pieces of potato or apple. The smell will go away.

* After cutting onions and garlic, rub lemon on the knife to remove their stench with a knife. The smell will go away.

* To clean the rust on the teeth of the vegetable cutting board, put baking soda on the board and clean it with a brush. The board will glow.

* Wash hands thoroughly before preparing food. Similarly, wash your hands thoroughly after touching or cleaning raw vegetables and non-veg items. Immediately before preparing food, clean the platform ie the cooking area thoroughly with a disinfected cleaner.

* Before using salad, fruits and vegetables, wash them thoroughly with water and clean them properly from soil and dust etc. Keep raw vegetables or any other kind of raw food away from cooked food.

* Cook non-veg food, such as meat or chicken well. If the food is not to be eaten immediately or it is a long time to eat, then cool the food within an hour of cooking and keep it in the refrigerator.

* Do not heat the cooked food more than once. Avoid putting food taken out of the fridge in the fridge again. If the food has been prepared in large quantity, then heat it as much as is needed. Keep food closed in an airtight box or zip lock. The food will not spoil quickly and the freshness will also remain intact. Set the fridge only at 37 Fahrenheit or less. Keep the deep freezer at 0 Fahrenheit, this will not spread the germs.


* The cutting board used for cutting vegetables has the highest risk of bacterial growth. Therefore, pay special attention to its cleaning and maintenance. After cutting meat, chicken or any other kind of non-veg item on the cutting board, clean it thoroughly by adding 1 teaspoon chlorine bleach in hot water.

* Dried orange peels prove to be very useful to keep insects and moths away from the kitchen. For this, wrap the dried peels of orange in a cloth and keep it in 3-4 places.

* If you want to get rid of ants, mix turmeric in borax powder and keep it on the affected area. The ants will run away.

* To get rid of cockroaches, prepare a paste by mixing milk and a pinch of sugar in boric powder and apply it by rubbing it on the cockroach area. Get rid of cockroaches.

* To prevent ants from getting ants, apply castor oil on that place. The ants will not come.

* To clean the flask completely and remove scratches, fill it with water and put small pieces of old newspaper. Keep overnight and wash off in the morning.

* To remove the smell coming from the flask, add hot water and 3 tsp vinegar and leave it for a while. Then wash off with cold water.

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