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Keep these things in mind while planting a money plant.

Keep these things in mind while planting a money plant.

To beautify the open room, veranda, balcony, garden etc. of their house, people plant many types of trees inside and outside. For the last three decades, planting some trees for clean air outside or inside the house has been said to be very beneficial. Not only clean air, but plants remove the restlessness of the mind and bring peace and ideological prosperity in the mind and heart. In this sense, money plant is a favorite vineyard plant, because it can be easily planted in any part of the house. Most of the people apply it to enhance the beauty of the house.
Carpets, rugs, doormats, furniture etc in our homes contain many such particles, which pollute the air even inside the house. If there are one or two plants of money plant, then it works to purify the air.

It has many varieties. Some are dark green, some are very light in colour. Some have small leaves, some have very large leaves. But the best thing is that you can grow money plant in both soil and water.

According to horticulturists, where to keep the money plant plant, there are some things to be kept in mind. Actually, money plant is not a vine and it needs support to grow. Therefore, after growing it a little, definitely tie it with the help of a string. Tie its stem to a wooden or plastic pole, then it will grow quickly.

money plant

money plant in water
It would be better if the money plant should be planted in a bottle. When its roots come out, then it should be planted in a pot. This will make them grow quickly.

Take care of the right amount of water
It is not that to keep the money plant green, you keep adding water to it all the time. Don’t put too much water in it. They do not require much water to grow. Always add water according to the season.

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keep in sunlight
Moneyplant loves sunlight, but too much sunlight can harm it. If you place it on an open window, you will find that it is growing towards the sun. That’s why not every day to the money plant, but still, leave it every day and show sunlight.

add fertilizer too
When you remove the money plant from the water and put it in an earthen pot, then you should also add manure to it. You can use any type of fertilizer in this.

You can increase their growth by cutting the dry leaves and vines of the plant.

Keep the money plant in such a place where there is no sunlight. It can also be kept at home.
If there is no garden, always keep it in water and change this water every week.
If it is planted on the ground, then its vines should not be spread. Let those vines go up, you will feel that the beauty will increase.

money plant

It would be good that the money plant should be in such a direction of the house, where wind and light light is coming. It is not right to keep and leave it in a closed warehouse or bathroom, because there this plant will suffocate and its leaves can dry up and drop.
Check the soil of the plant once a week or two. If the amount of water in the soil seems to be high, then add less amount of water to it or wait for it to dry up a bit. Note that the soil does not dry out completely. Always a light moist compost is better for this plant. The best way to do this is to make a hole in the bottom of the pot, so that the excess water can drain out.

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