Kavita- Pehren Hai Pyaar… (Poem – Girls find love…)

Kavita- Pehren Hai Pyaar… (Poem – Girls find love…)

portrait beautiful girl with daisy her hands beautiful make up 78492 2422

looking for marriage
brother in marriage
dry on your shoulder

you to vote
feed your food
According to the concept of unheard

cheerful laughing girl with cute flower light brown hair posing horizon views gorgeous young woman white outfit enjoying her vacation resort spending time fresh air 197531 3197

they are completely familiar
two table pats
️ Jin, ginni ginni jin
For news of route, and destination

latest update
Mother ho love with your right
whatever Dr.
stop bus step
to go to the common heart

pretty tenseness woman with nude make up wearing golden earrings is touching her cheek smiling with closed eyes isolated background 291650 1965

and still wrong
What is this?
looking for
and consider the understanding of the mind.
adding totals

eagle redness,
this is the emulation
even to joke
but in reality
You will find the same in all of them too…

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Pallavi Vinod
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