Kamal Haasan gifts a luxurious Lexus car to ‘Vikram’ director Lokesh Kanakraj, the film hits the box office! , regional news

Chennai: Actor Kamal Haasan, who plays the lead role in director Lokesh Kanakaraj’s action entertainer “Vikram”, has gifted the director a Lexus car in view of the film’s phenomenal success.

Earlier in the day, Kamal tweeted a video in which he thanked the audience and the entire cast and crew of ‘Vikram’.

In the video, Kamal said, “Tamil fans have never failed to have high quality cinema. The same can be said about talented, quality actors. We consider it our privilege to have you with me and our film.” ‘Vikram’ is selected in it. Draw a line.

“It is only appropriate that your appreciation is shared equally among all members of the cast and crew, starting with Anirudh, Girish, editor Philomin and Amburivu, whose names are not known.

“My younger brothers Vijay Sethupathi, Fahad Faasil, Narayan, Chemban Vinod were all important reasons for the success of ‘Vikram’.

“Suriya, who appeared in the last three minutes of the film and who walked out of the theaters with gusto, did so only for love. I have decided to display fully, our thank you to her in the next film. The episode is that we will be working together.

The actor said before signing, “Lokesh’s love for cinema and for me was evident in every day of the film and every frame of the film. So is the love of the fans.”

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