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Jewelery Junction- Know What’s Best For You? (Learn What is Best for You Jewelery Junction?)

Jewelery Junction- Know What’s Best For You? (Learn What is Best for You Jewelery Junction?)

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Woman Jewelery

Wearing special jewelery on every occasion is no longer a difficult task. How to get designer jewelery at an affordable price and what type of jewelery to wear for the occasion? Come on, let’s tell.


New Jewelery Trend

  • On weddings or special occasions, people now prefer to wear fashion jewelery instead of the typical gold or diamond jewellery. They are economical as well as attractive.
  • Colors will be used extensively in the jewellery. Semi precious stones, American diamonds, large pendants, Mughal jewelery etc. will be seen a lot.
    Color, metal, gemstone, swarovski etc. will be used beautifully in the jewellery.
  • Traditional colors like red, green, blue etc. will be seen in Gemstone. Yes, the jewelery designs and looks will be kept creative and modern.

Ancient Sculpture Jewelery

  • Preference will be given to ancient sculpture, geometric design, natural beauty and fine work in pictures, temple jewelry etc.

What kind of jewelry to wear on which occasion?

The same jewelery cannot be worn on every occasion, so you must have some selected jewelery in your jewelery collection so that you look beautiful and special on every occasion.

family function

Wear heavy and stylish jewelery on special occasions like weddings, family functions.
The family members of the bride and groom also have to look special. In such a situation, it is not as heavy as the bride, but definitely wear special jewelry.

cocktail party

After selecting the outfit, select the jewellery. If you are wearing a single color outfit, then wear contrast color jewelery with it. For example, if you are wearing a plain red color outfit, then wear green colored jewelery with it. With this, both your outfit and jewelry will look beautiful. Wear bright colored jewelery even with printed or patterned outfits.

formal dinner

If going for a formal dinner, wear drop earrings. Especially when you have made an upward hairstyle like a french roll etc. Drop earrings will make your neck look long and face slim. Wear a matching neckpiece and bracelet for a complete look. Wear a bracelet with danglers, chandelier earrings for a glamorous look. Wearing a classy neckpiece is enough for a clean, finished look.

dinner party

If the dinner party is not very formal then you do not need to wear dressy jewellery. In such a situation, wear a simple, classic design like pearl or diamond single line necklace. They suit all kinds of outfits and almost all occasions and look elegant too.

Jewelery selection according to face cut

Choose jewelry according to the face shape. To know the shape of the face, stand in front of the mirror with all the hair back and draw the outline of your face on your mirror with the marker. By doing this you will understand the shape of your face.

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Pink Colored Earrings


There is no dearth of variety in the shape and style of the earring. You can wear many types of earrings like danglers, chandeliers, hoops, studs, rounds etc. Choose the size of the earrings according to the occasion you are choosing.

  • Buttons, hoops, triangular and round earrings are the best options for an oval face. Apart from this, dangler earrings that are not too long can also be tried.
  • On round face, earrings in the shape of snare, rectangular, dangle, angular etc. look good. This hides the roundness of the face and makes the face appear balanced.
  • Long and straight earrings are more suitable for the face with heart shape and rectangular shape.



  • Women whose face is of oval shape, all types of necklaces suit them, so they do not need to think anything while selecting the necklace.
  • Round-faced women should wear a necklace that is 28 to 30 inches long. This makes his face look longer.
  • Bran is the best option for women with heart shape face. This gives a soft look to the sharpness of her chin.
  • High choker and 16 to 18 inches long U-shaped neckpieces look good on rectangular shaped faces.
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  • If you have beautiful hands, wear a small and thin bracelet, especially if you are also wearing a ring.
  • If you don’t have very good hands, then wear a bigger bracelet so that the attention of the onlookers is on the bracelet, not on your hand.

Jewelry For Brides

jewelry selection for bride

  • The Indo-Western look is becoming more and more popular in bridal jewellery, such as bold Rajasthani pendants with strings of semi-precious stones. Similarly, the combination of red, green semi precious stone on the bran is also these nowadays.
  • The bride should wear a gemstone studded gold or diamond neckpiece. With this, long and short dangler earrings should be worn according to the face and choice of the bride. You can also wear a long beaded neckpiece with a bold pendant.
  • If you wear the same long and short neckpiece, then the beauty of both will not stand out. Two different neckpieces will add to the beauty of your wedding dress.

Jewelery selection by age

  • Teenagers love to wear big hoops, fancy beaded bracelets, funky pendants and neckpieces with lots of chains.

  Jewelery Selection

  • Young women also like to wear colorful jewelery with beads, pearls, bold pendants.
  • Adult women should wear classy, ​​contemporary jewelery so that they look graceful.
  • Jewelery doesn’t have to match with the outfit, it’s important to look beautiful with it.

jewelry selection for professionals

  • For a business meeting, a power suit with diamond or silver stud earrings will complete your look.

White Pearl Necklace

  • If you are wearing a low neckline top, then wear a silver chain or a garland of pearls. Pearl neckpiece will give you a soft and comfortable look. You do not need to wear a lot of jewelry at work place. If you want, wear a diamond ring.
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