It’s time to refine your footwear collection

Shoes are a fashion accessory that women wear throughout the year. Before buying a pair of shoes, two things should be of special importance. One is the comfort it provides and the other is how it looks. Be it a pair of running shoes, running shoes or sneakers, there is variety available in terms of sole and fabric used, color options available, durability etc. Since upgrading a shoe collection is always a fun idea, we’ve rounded up a bunch of them, all set apart from each other and extremely comfortable to wear.

The listed items come with a promise of durability. You will also get color options in some of these. If you’re interested in taking a look at the options and topping up your everyday shoe collection, scroll down.

Campu Running Shoes
This pair of running shoes for women will provide you maximum comfort while running. The material used on the outside is mesh, which allows air and sunlight to pass through. It comes with a lace-up closure and has a medium shoe width. Also, you will get many color options in this pair of shoes. This is a perfect accessory to round off your look while stepping out for a workout session.

two brothers running walking shoes
This pair of slip-on shoes for women looks super stylish and provides maximum comfort. Its sole is made of ethylene vinyl acetate material and has a medium shoe width. It has rounded toes and comes with a lace-up closure. Its upper material is made of synthetic. A lightweight pair of shoes, the shoes are also easy to maintain.

Bata Ballet Flats
The width of this pair of shoes from Bata brand is medium. It has slip-on closure type and round toe style. It comes in two colors – one with pink and blue and the other with gray and black. You will feel extremely comfortable wearing these shoes for a long time. A stylish fashion accessory, you can wear it on a daily basis when going out with friends, for movie dates, casual outings etc.

Bella Toe Sneakers Shoes
This pair of sneakers for women ranks high on the smartness and style quotient. It has lace up closure type and medium shoe width. Its sole is made of rubber material, while the type of material used on the outside is imitation leather. A comfortable pair of shoes, you can wear with many western outfits and some Indian outfits if you know the knack of pulling it off.

Vendoz White Casual Shoes Sneakers
Since white shoes are all the rage, this pair of shoes will make a stylish addition to your footwear collection. Its sole is made of thermoplastic elastomers material and has a lace-up closure. A chic casual wear, you can wear it to everyday workplace or casual outing to look smart and classy. In addition, its exterior material is made of faux leather.

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