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Importance of Chouda and Kalire for Punjabi Bride)

Why do Punjabi brides carry chuda and kalee in their hands? (Bride Special: Importance of Chooda and Kalire for the Punjabi Bride)

Why do Punjabi brides carry bangles and kalee in their hands? If this question crosses your mind too often then let us tell you why Punjabi brides wear bangles on their hands. By the way, not only Punjabi, brides of almost every province have started wearing bangles. Bollywood movies have incorporated bangles into bride’s makeup in such a way that now every girl who sees Bollywood actresses wants to wear bangles on the wedding day.

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Bollywood actress and TV actress stepped up the craze of wearing bridal bracelets

Recently, actresses Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma as well as Deepika Padukone must have been spotted with bracelets in their hands at the time of their wedding. When she sees a Bollywood actress wearing bangles in her hands at the time of the wedding, every girl thinks that she should also wear bangles on her day, that’s why wearing bangles is ubiquitous now. When Bollywood actress and TV actress wear bangles on wedding day, now every girl wants to wear bangles on wedding day. Bollywood actresses and TV actresses have increased the craze of wearing bridal bracelets so much that now every girl loves to wear bridal bracelets on the wedding day.

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Bride special

Chuda and bangles are the bride’s special jewelry
The bride’s bracelets have a special meaning at the time of marriage. Red and green bangles are considered auspicious for the bride at the time of marriage. If the bride wears red-green bangles on her hands decorated with mehndi, then the beauty of her hands will increase. Similarly, when the chudas and kalire in the hands of a Punjabi bride are adorned with mehndi, the beauty of the bride’s hands increases manifold. Apart from the wedding dress, when the bride wears a chuda with a saree, party dress or regular dress, she looks gorgeous in any dress and everyone knows that she is a newly married bride. The peculiarity of chuda is that they look good in all kinds of Indo-Western attire, that’s why brides of almost all provinces now prefer to wear chuda.

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Why do Punjabi brides carry chuda and kalee in their hands?
At Punjabi weddings, wearing a bangle has special significance. At Punjabi weddings there is a special ritual of wearing chuda and kaleere. A Punjabi bride’s maternal uncle brings her a chuda consisting of 21 red and white bangles. The special thing is that the bride can only see this bracelet when she is completely finished and is not sitting on the mandap with the groom.

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The bride is dressed like a bracelet
The ritual of wearing the bride’s bracelet is also very interesting. Before the bride’s bangle is worn, which is the night before the wedding, the bangle is soaked in milk. On the wedding day, the bride’s maternal uncle presents the bride with bangles himself in the wedding pavilion. At this time, the mother of the bride closes her eyes so that the bride cannot see the bracelet and her own eyes cannot be seen on the bracelet.

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Punjabi bride

Punjabi wedding dresses

What is the religious significance of wearing a bridal bracelet?
The bangle is worn by the bride at the time of the wedding, so the bangle is a symbol of the girl’s wedding. Chuda is also considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Chuda is considered a symbol of honeymoon and is also worn for man’s well-being.

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How many days does the bride wear the bracelet in her hands?
According to Punjabi custom, the bride must wear a bangle bracelet for about 1 year. However, over time, the custom of wearing bangles for a whole year has also changed. Today’s working bride only wears bangles for 40 days.

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Such is the ritual of removing bracelets
Although the ritual of removing the bangle changes with time, but earlier on the day the bride had to remove the bangle, a small celebration was held in the house that day. Shagun and sweets are given to the bride on this day. Then the bracelet is removed from the bride and glass bracelets are put on. Long ago the ritual of unloading the bracelets was performed on the banks of the river. The bride took off the bangle near the river and after worship the bangle was thrown into the river. Over time, the ritual of removing the bangle changed, now people perform the ritual of removing the bangle at will.

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Chouda and Kalire

Why do Punjabi brides wear kalee?
Punjabi brides also carry kalee with bangles in their hands. The ritual of Kalire is followed by the ceremony of wearing the bracelet. When carrying the kalee in her hands, the bride must put her hands over the heads of her unmarried friends. It is a belief that the girl who falls on the bride’s head will get married very soon. As beautiful as the ceremony of carrying chuda and kaleere in the hands of a Punjabi bride, so is their design. The custom of wearing bangles and calire in marriage has grown so much that their market is thriving too.

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