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If you want to do more shopping in less money, then do shopping like this (20+ Budget Friendly Fashion Ideas)

If you want to do more shopping in less money, then do shopping like this (20+ Budget Friendly Fashion Ideas)

If you want to do more shopping in less money, then you have to learn the right tricks of shopping. We are telling you 20+ smart ideas to shop more for less money. You too can become a smart shopper by shopping more for less money.

Budget Friendly Fashion Ideas

Do shopping for weddings and festivals like this
1) If you want to wear a sari for a festival or wedding, then buy a plain sari to wear with any of your heavy blouses. You can give a heavy look to your plain saree by wearing heavy or trendy accessories with it.
2) Mix and match formula is best for smart shopping, like- if you don’t want to buy expensive outfit for festival or wedding but want to look trendy too, then just buy a long jacket and wear it with your old lehenga.
3) You can wear your old heavy choli with plain skirt, saree etc. for festival or wedding.
4) You can get trendy and new look by wearing ethnic kurti, tunic, corset, long jacket etc. with your regular jeans.
5) Wearing a modern designer blouse with your mother’s old traditional saree, you can look different and special in the festival or wedding.

Fashion Ideas

Here are smart ideas to shop more for less money.
6) The most important tip of budget friendly shopping is to avoid extravagance and buy only what you really need.
7) Before leaving the house for shopping, make a list, in which note down all the stylish dresses and trendy accessories that you can wear.
A must for wardrobe and office.
8) If there is a sale of a good brand, then definitely buy good fitting jeans, jacket, basic shirt, trousers, skirt etc. from there.
9) Buying over-expensive outfits for wedding or festive season is a waste of money, with a little understanding you can look trendy and gorgeous even in a low budget.
10) While shopping online, check the price of that item on different sites. Maybe, you can get the same thing at a lower price due to sale, discount, coupon etc. on other sites.
11) On the pretext of window shopping, you can go to different stores to get information about discounts or special offers.
12) Make a cash payment instead of using a credit card while shopping, this will prevent you from shopping outside the budget and avoid unnecessary expenses.
13) Avoid buying outfits that require frequent dry cleaning.
14) Do not compromise on material, fabric and quality while shopping in the sale. Buy everything after carefully examining it.
15) You can save your money by shopping from local stores where stylish outfits and accessories are available at affordable prices.

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Fashion Ideas

Buy casual wear like this for less money
16) Whenever there is a sale of your favorite brand, then definitely buy hot pants, cargo, capri, skirt etc. bottom wear for casual wear. With these, you can get a new look by wearing any stylish top.
17) By buying denim shirts, jackets, short kurtis etc. in the sale for less money, you can mix and match them with many outfits.
18) By buying plain t-shirts, spaghetti, shirts etc., you can get a new look by wearing them with jackets, stole or trendy neckpieces.
19) Be sure to keep belts, hair accessories, neckpieces, earrings, trendy shoes etc. in the sale. These will also come in very handy in your mix and match formula.

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Fashion Ideas

Buy office ware like this for less money
20) If you are shopping in the sale and you want to buy formal outfits, then you can buy plain shirts, trousers and skirts in colors like white, black, beige, peach, pink etc. You can mix and match them and repeat them many times.
21) Similarly, you can make your formal collection fashionable by buying trendy colored bags and shoes in basic colors like black, beige, white.
22) If you wear Indian wear to the office, then you can get a new look everyday by mixing and matching different colored plain leggings and kurti with stole, neckpiece etc.
23) Similarly, you can sew some blouses of regular colors like black, white, red, blue and wear them with many sarees.


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