How to Lawyer? Know step by step process of court marriage

How to Lawyer? Know step by step process of court marriage

Till now you must have seen most of the grand weddings with bandwagon, but even today there are many people who prefer to do court marriages instead of spending lakhs on weddings. So too, who will do what they like according to their own preferences, as if they would work as family. So there is no other alternative. The same goes for people around likewise. But if not, then people must read it.

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1. Was not engaged to any boy in the past: . if. …after typing after typing type after typing the program.

2. Behavior: Required to attend marriage. Any type is placed in a similar category. The bride and groom smoke will be included in their process.

3. Age: The age of the girl should be 21 years and the age of the girl should be less than 18 years.

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– Wrong to warn. The one who likes the movie has to make a choice. It is also worth noting here that either of the two men should have resided more than 30 days from the date of intimation in the district where the young man and woman want to get married.

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If a person is affected, he is affected for 30 days.

– Suitable for being comfortable. The process is carried out until the process is complete.

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– There is a problem of filling completely in the application form and in respect of the application form to pay in full.

– Accommodation and details.

– Certificate of proof of age of age or date of death of dos.

There is no relation between the bride and the groom.

– And the girl has an affidavit, web vat / widower / visayat:

– In the case of split the order shall be terminated and in the case of the order terminated shall be terminated.

– 2-2 photos of the bride and groom, sharp gazetted officers have the atmosphere.

– Pin and photo of tests.

– Aadhar Card or Scenario for ID.

in the matter of foreign affairs

– Validation of visa.

– Dial or status certificate from status.

To live in a similar environment has to do so (by living in or conforming to the habitat).

know this also

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