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What is right, what is wrong in home decor (Home decor What is wrong, what is right)


Want to give a new look to home decor, but if there are some confusions in mind, then first remove them. So that there is no mistake with you at the time of home decor and your dream of my most beautiful home can come true.


Myth: Keep small furniture in a small room.

This is only a concept. Keeping small furniture in a small room, of course, they occupy less space, but by doing this you will not get a sweet homely feeling. If you want to give a bigger look to your small room, then you can also keep 1-2 large furniture, such as a large chair / settee.


Myth: The ceiling of every room in the house should be painted white.

This way of decorating the house has become old now. Painting white on the ceiling of every room gives a feeling of boredom. Ceiling represents 1/6 of the room. Therefore it should not be ignored. Keeping in mind the type and height of the ceiling, the room can be given a creative look. For example, the room can be given a spacious and bright look by painting the walls with dark color and light color on the ceiling.

You can change the look of the room by painting the ceiling and walls of the same color, if you want, you can also make a ceiling line with molding.

– In a large room, the dark color ceiling gives a small look to the room.

Ceiling matching the color of cabinet, furniture, carpet etc. can also be kept.


Myth: Only neutral colors like white or pale in small rooms

Select the.

These days, neutral colored shade cards are available in the market, in which many shades of neutral color are given. You can choose your favorite color from them. If you want, you can give a special look to the room by mixing and matching other colors in neutral color. Apart from this, you can also give a big look to a small room by the size of the room, furniture size, furniture arrangement and wall color.


Myth: Neutral colors lead to dullness/boredom.

It’s not like that. Keeping in mind the choice of the people, now paint makers have started coming out with new color schemes, in which countless shades are given. You can choose the color of your choice from these shades. If you are choosing a neutral or monochromatic color, then mix 2-3 colors and choose a new color.


Myth: Furniture, wall color, fabrics etc should all be matching.

If everything is matching, then the decor of the house will make you feel bored. It is not wrong to apply decorative items matching the furniture and wall color, just an easy way to decorate the house, but instead of putting matching furniture etc. in the already designed places, antique items (statues, large vases etc. ), so that the look of the room is different. This experiment done by you gives a classy look to the house as compared to matching. The trend of matching has become obsolete, especially in the case of furniture.


Myth: Beige color matches easily with furniture, rugs, accessories etc.

This is not completely correct. Experts believe that even though beige is a neutral (soft) color and can be easily matched with other accessories, but doing so brings a dull feeling to the house. Therefore, if you choose beige color while mixing and matching with other accessories, then you can give a new and stylish look to the house. Apart from this, if you are thinking of getting neutral color on the walls of the house, then try other neutral colors except beige color. These days there are many other neutral shades available in the market along with beige, from which you can give a new look to your home decor.


Myth: Do not match patterns (color and shape) and prints (leppard, zebra, spotted and stripes, geometric) together.

Most of the people have this misconception that pattern and colors should not match together. But this illusion can be broken with a little creativity. For example, keeping in mind the color scheme and main pattern, you can select stripes, square and small prints. Similarly, if you are choosing fabric, then choose solid colored texture and square pattern.

Myth: Follow the rules given by interior designers about décor and designing.

It is not like that at all. Change all the old rules of decor and designing as told by the experts. If you are changing the décor of your home, then the most important thing is your personal test and style, which reflects your personality. The first rule of décor and designing is what type of home look do you want – classic or modern? Which is your favorite color? What kind of art work do you like? Etcetera. In other words, the style and décor of the house should be of your choice and not of other people.

Myth: Follow the latest trends when changing your home decor.

According to experts, the decor of the house should be such that it makes you feel warm. If you want to give a contemporary look to your home, then follow the latest trend. Anyway, trends keep changing from time to time. It would be good that you give a classy look to your house. By following the classy look, you can keep trendy stuff/things at your home, after some time you can easily change or remove them.


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