Here’s Why Moisturizer, Body Lotion Should Be Your All Season BFF fashion trends

Skin is healthy when it is well hydrated and nourished as the skin is the body’s first line of defense and protects internal organs, helps with thermoregulation, fights disease-causing organisms and functions throughout the year. Therefore, it also requires nutrition throughout the year. year. Moisturizing is not just a winter-specific activity as skin can become dehydrated throughout the year and dehydrated skin cannot do its job well.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr. Merin Liza Jacob, Co-Founder, Green & Beige stressed, “What is needed throughout the year is a deep moisturization that lasts long enough for your skin. A good daily moisturization is essential for maintaining your skin’s moisture barrier and preventing, repairing environmental damage to your skin.”

Dr Sanchit Sharma, Founder and Director, Yuvaveda explained, “The summer season comes with harsh sun rays, especially in India where the temperature crosses 40 degrees in many parts. As much as we take care of our face, we often forget to nourish the skin of our body. It is equally important to nourish our body as it protects and hydrates the deeper layers. Many people think that body lotion should be applied only in winters, but this is a huge misconception. No matter what your skin type, you’ll find a moisturizer for it that needs to be applied throughout the year.”

She adds, “The back and forth between extreme heat conditions and air conditioning can dehydrate our skin and make it look dull. Your daily skincare regime to keep your skin looking youthful and protect it from environmental damage. Must include a moisturizer Don’t forget to apply body lotion within 10-15 minutes after your shower routine, especially when you exfoliate. Hence, no matter what the season or skin type, moisturizer is your best friend to maintain youthful looking skin should be.”

According to Dr Chitra V Anand, Founder, Cosmoderma Clinic, winters can certainly be harsh for our skin, leaving it devoid of all moisture, but those who follow a CTM (Clean, Tone, Moisturize) routine religiously obey, they forget about the rest. of their body. He said, “Usually serums and moisturizers are applied to our face, but our body also needs attention. Due to the scorching heat, we sweat a lot, which results in loss of moisture from the skin. In addition, When we spend a long time in the sun, it can lead to dehydration, making our skin dry, red and irritated. Lotions, as we all know, help to restore and seal the moisture in our skin. One of the simplest ways to ensure moisture retention is to dab on a generous amount of lotion that has been formulated with nourishing ingredients to leave your skin soft and supple.”

She revealed, “Some of the best ingredients to look for in your body moisturizer include hydrating hyaluronic acid and moisturizing additives like ceramides and oils derived from avocado or jojoba. You can look for formulas containing free, radical-fighting antioxidants like vitamins B, C, or E. Make sure you opt for SPF-rich body lotion which will provide adequate protection when you are outside and exposed to direct sunlight. Broad-spectrum protection lotion with at least SPF 50+ PA+++. If you are indoors, SPF 30+ would be ideal. Applying body lotion in the summer can help keep skin from loosening and aging and voila! Soft, supple and youthful skin all day, every day!”

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