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During the holidays, close relatives start visiting the house. In such a situation, simply telling the guests who come home that it is not enough to consider it as your own home. It is important for them to feel the sense of belonging that the room they are going to live in has everything they need. To make the guest room the best room, start preparing for the guests before their arrival and do everything possible to make your meeting memorable.


personal touch

  • Before the guests come to the house, arrange the guest room well so that the guests do not face any problem.
  • Do not keep too much furniture in the guest room, otherwise the guests may be inconvenienced. Keep only the things they need in the room.
  • Make sure to keep a side table near the bed, so that the guest’s necessities, such as a water jug, glass, torch, books to read, etc. can be kept on it.
  • The guest room bed should be comfortable, so that the guests can get complete rest.
  • If the room is small then a sofa cum bed is also a good option.
  • Also keep a center table with 1-2 chairs in the guest room, so that the guests can sit comfortably and read the newspaper or have tea if they want.
  • Empty the wardrobe of that room to keep the guest’s belongings. Also, give them the facility of lockers to keep valuables, so that they can be sure about their belongings.
  • If there is a dressing table in the room, for the convenience of the guests, keep all the necessary items, such as cream, powder, comb, oil etc. on it. If you do not have a dressing table, you can also install a stylish mirror on the wall of the room.
  • Keep a luggage rack in the guest room to keep the guest’s suitcase, bag, etc.
  • If the guests are elderly, then a comfy chair can also be kept in the room.
  • Make proper arrangements to keep the guest’s footwear as well.


little things

  • Many times guests forget to keep everyday items like toothpaste, tooth brush while packing. Therefore, as a good host, it becomes your duty to take care of their needs. For this the following preparation is necessary on your part:
  • Keep toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, handwash, tissue paper roll, towel, napkin, sleeper etc. in the guest’s bathroom in advance.
  • Get the fittings of bathroom taps, showers etc. checked before the guest arrives.
  • To keep the bathroom smelling always, so definitely apply room freshener.
  • Keep a dustbin with a lid inside the bathroom.
  • Make a separate arrangement in the bathroom for drying the inner ware.
  • To keep the bathroom clean and hygienic, get it cleaned at least twice a day.
  • Keep a dryclean bin to keep dirty clothes.
  • Lay the doormat outside the washroom as well.


decorative ideas

* To enhance the beauty of the guest room, you can use mirrors, paintings, fresh or artificial flowers etc.
* If you have a photo with the guest, then you can also decorate it in the guest room. They will love seeing their photo with you.
* You can make the guest room special by decorating beautiful lights and fragrant candles.
* It is the summer season, so choose curtains, cushions, bedsheets, etc. of cotton and light colors. Give preference to floral prints, light colored floral prints look good in summer.


smart ideas
Despite saying lakhs, the guests are hesitant to touch the things of the house or do not approach the kitchen even when they are hungry. In such a situation, keep all the things they need in the guest room itself. For this-

  • Keep a small fridge in the guest room and keep snacks, fruits, chocolates, dry fruits, juices etc. to eat in it, so that the guests do not have any hesitation in eating and drinking.
  • If you have two TVs in your house, then put one in the guest room, so that the guests can entertain themselves by watching the channels of their choice.
  • Give duplicate keys of the house to the guests so that they do not feel that you do not trust them. Also, they can feel free to come and go anywhere when you are not at home.
  • If guests are visiting your city for the first time and want to travel alone, then definitely give them a local tourist map, seeing it they will be able to move around according to their interest. Also, give them your home address as well.


safety rules

* Check whether the electronic points of the room, AC, fans, coolers etc. are running properly or not, before the arrival of the guests.
* The guest room is used occasionally, so make sure to get pest control done before the guests arrive.
* Make sure to arrange mosquito repellant or mosquito net in the guest room.
* Make sure to keep a first aid box as well.


make the meeting memorable
The moments spent in your house and for your sake will always be remembered by the guests, so while leaving, definitely give them some memorable gift, such as a cup or T-shirt with their photo with you, some famous thing of your city etc.


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