Govinda heartily accepts nephew Krushna Abhishek’s apology, calling him his favorite sister’s child. people news

New Delhi: Veteran actor Govinda has regularly been in the limelight for his tumultuous relationship with his nephew and comedian Krushna Abhishek. However, it seems that after Krishna’s relentless efforts to mend his relationship with his uncle, the ‘Hero No 1’ actor has finally agreed to accept his apology.

Govinda recently appeared on Maniesh Paul’s podcast, where he spoke about the rift between himself and Krishna’s family. Show host Manish, known to share a great relationship with both Govinda and Krishna, mentions Krishna’s apology to his uncle, and asks Govinda to talk about it.

To which Govinda addressed Krishna and Aarti and said, “You are my favorite sister’s child. I have got so much love from her. You guys didn’t get that love from her. I feel very sad. But I am not like that.” . That. Don’t let my behavior be the cause of your misery. You are not either. You are always forgiven”.

Well, the video has come as a relief not only for Krishna but also for his fans who want the two to get together and get together.

Sometime back, Krishna had also appeared as a guest on Manish’s podcast. During the conversation, Krishna was asked about the feud between him and his uncle Govinda as well as the reason behind it. He replied, “Whenever I say something to the media, it gets clipped and shown on their social media. Chi Chi Mama I miss you and I love you so much. Please don’t mind that.” What do you read in the newspaper or what do you read. Listen in social media. What I miss the most is that I want my kids to play with my mother. I know she misses me too. I know it Is.”

Significantly, Krishna, who is a cast member of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, often cracks jokes about his rift with Govinda on the show.

Why did there be a rift between Govinda and Krishna Abhishek?

In 2016, there was a rift between Govinda and Krushna Abhishek. Since then, they have gotten into several public disputes with each other. Govinda was apparently angry with Krishna as Krishna had made a comment on the show. Krishna told the Indian Express, “I made a joke on my show by saying ‘Maine Govinda ko apna mama rakhta hai’ (I have Govinda as my uncle), which did not go down well with him. I tried to reason with him. Tried it. It wasn’t in bad taste. In fact, it only elevates my status by calling me mother. It wasn’t insulting at all. I don’t mind being addressed as Govinda’s nephew; it’s my second Identity is like. A star is free to go to other shows, but being family, I expected him to appear on my show first. He is now behaving like a superstar and not my chi chi mama “

However, Govinda’s side of the story was a bit different. Clearly upset, the actor had said, “Krishna is earning money by insulting others on television. I was extremely upset by the ‘mama rakha hai’ remark and called him home. I told him not to make such statements. should be avoided under the guise of abuses as they can be derogatory.”

When Govinda’s wife Sunita was hurt by Kashmira Shah’s comment

Then in 2018, Govinda’s wife Sunita followed up on Krishna’s wife Kashmera Shah’s tweet about some ‘people dancing for money’. Sunita alleged that Kashmera was referring to Govinda and the couple decided to break up with the two.

When Krushna Abhishek pulled out of The Kapil Sharma Show episode to avoid Govinda

Krushna Abhishek, who was one of the main cast of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, opted out of an episode featuring Govinda as a celebrity guest in November 2021. Speaking about the incident, Krishna told Bombay Times, “I learned about Chi Chi Mama. Was coming to the show about 10 days ago. Sunita Mami was not with her, so the team thought that I had to perform. I won’t mind. However, the incident has left a bad taste in my mouth. Last year, she didn’t want me to perform in front of her, but this time, I objected.”

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