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The Golden Rules

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Golden Rules


If you want to give a royal look to the house of your dreams, then decorate it with a special golden shade. Excessive use of golden shade can give a godly look to the house, so choosing the right shade of gold and using it in proper quantity is very important. How to give royal look to the house with golden shade? Come let’s know.


What is Golden Leafing Art?

In this, using 24 carat gold, ancient leafing art is beautifully decorated and the house, office, hotel etc. are given a royal look. With time, now leafing art is being presented in a modern way. You can decorate your house in a royal style by choosing gold, silver, bronze, copper leafing according to your choice and budget. It is also the best option to give a memorable gift to someone special.


golden ideas
* Married couples can decorate their wedding or honeymoon photos in a golden frame in the bedroom.
* Golden shade can be used for the temple of the house or the idol of the deity.
* You can impress the guests coming home by decorating a golden name plate.
* If you want to give a special gift to someone special, then golden rose, purse, mobile cover, photo frame etc. can be given.

* To give a rich look to the curtains, they can be decorated with a golden curtain knot.
* Golden colored chandeliers also give a royal look to the house.
* Golden glass painting can be done to give a rich look to a particular door of the house.


If you want to try gold leaf decor, then there is good news for you that golden accessories do not require a lot of maintenance. Simply, they have to be cleaned with a soft cloth.

if the house is small
You cannot keep a lot of furniture in a small house. Neither can use dark colors. In such a situation, the combination of gold with white color will give a royal look to your house.2

smart tips
* Colors like white, beige, cream, walnut, black etc. suit a lot with gold, so these combinations can be tried for special occasions.
* If the decor of your house is brown and royal, then the combination of antique gold will look good with it.
* If you want to decorate the house for a special occasion, then there is no better option than golden decor. Its specialty is that it matches with all types of decor.


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