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According to Feng Shui, a ship full of gold coins is considered a symbol of success in business. With its presence, the business grows and the career graph of the concerned person rapidly increases towards heights. So let’s know when you want to keep it in the house, then what are the things to keep in mind?

How to make a ship full of gold coins?
* Many statues of a ship filled with gold coins are found in the market. If you want, you can also keep those statues in the office or you can make a ship full of gold coins yourself.
* For this, buy a normal water vessel from the market and bring it.
* Fill some fake golden coins in it, then some real coins and money. This will make a ship full of coins ready.


Where to keep a ship full of gold coins?
Keep a ship full of gold coins in the office in such a way that it seems that the ship is coming from outside to the inside of the office and not going out. The good luck coming by doing this can go back on the opposite foot and there can be heavy loss in business.

Where not to put
* Do not keep a ship full of gold coins right in front of the main gate of the office by mistake, otherwise all the property can go out through the door.
* Do not even make the mistake of keeping it at home.

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