From purity to Shurukh Khan at the age of 26)

From purity to Shurukh Khan at the age of 26)

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Bollywood’s Alister Film Producer, Blogger, Writer, and Cast (Karan Johar) Today celebrates his 50th birthday (Karan Johar Birthday) Karan Johar. As with other members of the family, other types of people also relate to other people. Make sure to make sure. Surely anything is fine. Abibiography is the nascent testing openness adopted in ‘an unusual market’. ,

I’m Ready to Be the FBI Test of Homosexuality

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Change in biogeography has changed in VAT and behavior once again in his life. He has written in his book, all mother is my sexuality. I don’t have raynauraur. I don’t have raynauraur. But as per reports on Twitter, it has been posted, ‘To go out of state, our country and society will be afraid.’ Still learning to laugh. About has been updated after being updated with updates. It was also written that this festival was fake.

‘Unique relationship’ with

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He wrote- . I give to a Hindi channel. ‘It’s about’ the way he switched was screwed up. I said to him, to him, to him, what is the meaning? How can you ask? How can you ask? I

lost his sanity at the age of 26

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In his book also talk about his uniqueness. She lived like this at 26 No. Still failed. Output bar after that but .

Even after the end of friendship with Kajol (Kajol)


The updated password in the book has updated 25 with the cabbox. Sometimes both of them are very much like that e f e happened rur happened rur but the same thing ends friendship. What Connections has done is that for Kajol, I Kabox has killed every emotion inside me. That ended after 25 years of friendship ended.”

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