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If you are planning a summer wedding or have already decided and wondering how to look cool and cool, don’t fret. We bring you some crazy, fun ideas suggested by famous designer Sanya Garg. Brides can look their beautiful best and flaunt a dazzling smile, worrying nothing else about their special day.

With these easy tips from Sanya Garg, even the scorching summer months can’t stop the wedding excitement of all the excited brides-to-be:

Choose a light airy lehenga: Choose a lehenga that is light and preferably in a breathable fabric. There are so many cool summer fabrics like chiffon, georgette, khadi, cotton, organza or rayon to choose from. Choose floral silk thread embroidery or light zardozi work for the lehenga work. The lighter the embroidery and embellishments, the easier it will be for you to carry and move around freely. The color can be your choice as the bride may want to wear red or maroon if she is not comfortable with ivory or any other colour.

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Opt for a Statement Jewelery Piece: Opt for a few statement pieces rather than an entire piece of jewelry. go for a long necklace instead barrier, demand vaccine For example, instead of submitting to yourself, is in and is comfortable too. demand comment


Go for a bun or ponytail: Avoid open hairstyle altogether, accessorized buns and braids are the way to go. Plus, chic messy buns go well with gowns.

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nude makeup: Choose a minimal or nude makeup look and choose makeup products that are waterproof. Also, use lighter colors for the eyes and lips. Heavy cakey makeup will crumble in hot and humid weather and spoil the look.

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Light Breezer Scarf: Make sure the scarf is really light and flowing and don’t tuck it in, let it flow instead. To avoid added fabric, opt for a single dupatta.

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