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Education Tower: When the child is strong in studies (Education Tower: When the child is strong in studies)

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Education Tower


According to Feng Shui, keeping the education tower in the house keeps the focus of the children and they study diligently. If your child does not feel like studying, then bring home the education tower.

What is Education Tower?

* According to Feng Shui, the education tower is considered a temple of wisdom and peace.
* This building is of 5, 7 or 9 floors.
* Each of its floors represents wealth, health, luck, etc.


Why is this profitable?

* By keeping it in the house, children focus on studies.
* This idol has such energy, which keeps the child’s fun-loving mind disciplined.
* Due to its presence, no such bad thoughts come in the mind of the children, so that they can go in the wrong direction.
* This statue also proves to be very beneficial for those children, who themselves think of getting ahead in studies.
* Along with studies, this building is also very lucky for career. Its presence leads to progress.


where to put

* Keep it in the child’s bedroom towards the north-east direction, because this direction is related to education.
* Study table is also best to keep it, but do not make any change in its direction.


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