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Do you also do these basic fashion mistakes? (Basic Fashion Mistakes We All Make, Know How To Avoid Them)

Do you also do these basic fashion mistakes? (Basic Fashion Mistakes We All Make, Know How To Avoid Them)

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Who does not want to look fashionable, but in the pursuit of looking stylish, we all often make some such mistakes, which can put us in trouble. So are you one of those who make these basic fashion mistakes?

  • People often make the mistake of forgetting comfort in order to look fashionable. Preeti travels by local transport everyday, but she is not only fond of wearing pencil heels, but has a passion. She feels that this will make her look stylish and model-like. Many times he had to take off his sandals in parties because his feet started hurting badly. Her friends explained to her that it is not always safe and healthy to wear pencil heels. But even after taking so much trouble, she could not give up her passion and one day she ran to catch the bus and fell due to heels. She got hurt a lot and then she vowed that she would take care of comfort more than fashion.
  • There are also many women wearing traditional accessories or bindi along with western outfits. You too must have often seen many wearing a bindi or earrings with jeans-t-shirt. But it will spoil your whole look.
  • There is no harm in wearing an ultra modern dress, but if you are not comfortable in a modern dress then you should not wear it because you will not feel confident in it and it will not make you look stylish at all.
  • Wearing more revealing clothes in the office also does not make you fashionable. Some women think that she will look hot in a cleavage-looking deep neck or she will come in limelight by wearing a more short dress, but this will only spoil your image because the more decent clothes are worn in the office, the better.
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  • Wearing too much bling or shimmery dress is also not good. Admittedly, you like these glitters but they look good only in parties and not in daily life.
  • Women also often make the mistake of wearing outfits that highlight the flaws of their body. When choosing any fashionable outfit, keep in mind that is it right for you? Would you look beautiful and comfortable in it? Sana is very fond of belts, she often wore such dresses with which she could pair trendy belts. But her mom explained to her many times that Sana’s lower body is heavy and upper body too thin, so she should not wear belts or such clothes which will make this difference more visible. But she felt that her mother had no fashion sense. But one day when her boyfriend told her this, she realized that she wanted to look cool by ignoring her body type.
  • Wearing boots, leather pants or jackets even in summer. Ritu always believed that fashion meant tight leather pants, a stylish jacket and boots. He did not know that everyone used to make fun of him behind his back. One day she was in the washroom and heard her colleagues talking outside, who were saying that she saw that fashion blunder, even today she has come as Michael Jackson. Who should explain to him that this is an office, not a rock concert. After this Ritu realized her mistake.
  • Wearing too many oversized clothes can ruin your look. Many people think that they will hide their body fat by wearing loose or oversized clothes, but it can give you a bulky look. Always wear clothes of the correct size and if you want to wear oversized ones, then take a trial first.
  • Similarly, do not wear clothes that are too tight, as it will not only be unhealthy but also uncomfortable.
  • Using too many clothes or accessories of the same type. Sarla loved wearing basic T-shirts with jeans, so she had taken basic T-shirts of every color and wore them only with jeans and often wore them with a denim jacket, she thought her style was very cool but a Everyday when friends thought of having a party, everyone said to Sarla, don’t come to the party wearing the same jeans, t-shirt and jacket, wear something stylish and different… then Sarla realized that what she was thinking of as fashion was her mistake. .
  • Not wearing the right bra can make your most expensive and super stylish clothes look bad, but often the thinking of women is who is looking at the clothes worn inside. Similarly, investing in undergarments also seems extravagant to most of the women, while you must have undergarments according to the right size and outfit, else your t-shirt will not have a proper finish and the panty lines on the top of your pant will make you look ugly.
  • Sticking to the same brands which were in trend earlier but are now out of fashion. Suppose you have love or trust in some brands, but if someone is not ready to change or move forward with time, then you should leave it.
  • Repeating outfits and accessories that look good or appeal to you on most occasions. Komal had received many compliments on one of her dresses every day and after that the dress became her favourite. She used to wear the same dress on most of the special occasions. There was a party in Komal’s office, so her colleagues said that you have not worn your favorite dress for a long time, haven’t you? So tomorrow you will get a chance in the office party, you will not wear the same because it is now known as Komal’s party dress. Komal was embarrassed because she had to listen to all this even after wearing many outfits, but it was her fault too.
  • Ignoring special occasions and occasions and focusing only on comfort. Some people even reach the party or meeting in lounge dress. Not only women but also men. He thinks messy look, messy hair, natural style without makeup will make him look cool and most different but he will show you nothing but a lazy look. Therefore, you should also avoid such mistakes and be a little alert. Improve your fashion sense and don’t go over fashion.
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