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Do Not Make These 7 Mistakes When Wearing Saree

Do Not Make These 7 Mistakes When Wearing Saree


It would not be wrong to call the saree the sexiest outfit, but instead of looking beautiful, if not worn properly, this beautiful Indian outfit can make you a laughing stock. What are the things to keep in mind while wearing a saree to look sexy and gorgeous? Come on, let’s tell.


1 Wrong footwear

Don’t make the mistake of wearing casual platform heels or wedges with a saree. Avoid flats and slippers as well. Wear high heel sandals and stilettos for a gorgeous look. This will make you look slim and tall.

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Heavy jewelry

2. Heavy Jewelery

Do not forget to wear heavy jewelery with saree on other occasions except marriage. Just imagine how you would look wearing a heavy gold necklace with your favorite chiffon saree? For a smart look, wear small earrings instead of big earrings and earrings, thin bracelets instead of dozen bangles and thin chains with small pendants instead of heavy necklaces. With this you will not only look attractive but also young.


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3. Experiment with Style

Saree draping is done in many ways. If you want to try a new style, then try the same style of draping that you know well and in which you can carry the saree easily. If you do not know draping in a different style, then it is better not to experiment or wear a saree with the help of someone else.

Saree Tips

4. According to Occasion

The same type of saree cannot be worn on every occasion, as you cannot wear heavy work saree in the office. Cotton or light colored light fabric saree is the best option for a formal look in the office. Similarly, in a special function of the house or a wedding, a flamboyant sari is more preferred than a light sari.

Pins in Saree

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5. Lots of Pins

There is no harm in putting a lot of pins so that the shape of the saree does not deteriorate and you do not have any problem in carrying it, but while doing this it is important to keep in mind that these pins should be hidden behind the saree or blouse, otherwise The pin peeking out of the saree will put you to shame in front of everyone. Do not put too many pins in a light fabric saree, otherwise it may tear.

fitting blouse for saree

6. Incorrect fitting blouse

The beauty of a saree emerges only when the blouse is of the right fitting. If your body is not in perfect shape, then do not get sexy or too tight blouse sewn in the eyes of others. Overly exposed blouses do not look good on heavy body women. Too many loose blouses can spoil your look, so get the right fitting blouse stitched by a good tailor.


7. Flared Petticoat

Avoid flared petticoats, you will look fat in this. Also, you will have difficulty in carrying a saree. Wear a well fitting plain petticoat for the best look.

Wearing Saree Tips
if you are plus size

* Wear light fabric sarees like georgette, chiffon, crepe. You will look slim in this.

* Avoid heavy cotton sarees, you will look fatter in it. If you want to wear cotton saree, then wear light cotton or cotton mix fabric saree. You can also try cotton silk.

* Do not wear sari with heavy and glossy material.

* Plus size women should wear dark color saree.

* You can look fat even if you do not wear the saree properly, so learn to wear saree in the right way.

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If You’re Slim-Trim

* You can wear sari of heavy fabric like brocade, silk, cotton etc.

* Heavy embroidered and traditional saris, such as Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, Paithani etc. will suit you very well.

* If you are very thin, you can try saris like tissue, organza etc. to look healthy.

* If you are slim and tall, then you will look very beautiful by wearing a saree with big, bold, attractive prints or motifs.

* If your height is short, then wear saris with small prints and thin borders or without borders. You will look taller in small prints and stripes.

* Light colors especially pastel shades will suit you well.

* You will also look beautiful in heavy work lehenga style saree.

– Kanchan Singh

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Do Not Make These 7 Mistakes When Wearing Saree

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Do Not Make These 7 Mistakes When Wearing Saree


It would not be wrong to call the saree the sexiest outfit, but instead of looking beautiful, if this beautiful Indian outfit is not worn in the right way, you can also become a laughing stock.


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