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Dining Room Makeover | Home Decor & Care, Interior

dining room makeover

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If you want to do a complete makeover of your dream home, then do not make the mistake of ignoring the decor of the dining room. How to do a makeover of this important part of your home? Come on, let’s tell.


modern look
* To give a modern look to the dining room, buy modern shapes and styles of dining tables, chairs, crockeries etc.
* Prefer plain table cloth instead of printed.
* Select glass or oxidized steel flower pot for dining table decoration.
* If space is less, then buy a folding dining table. Nowadays, there are many varieties of wall-attached and folding dining tables available in the market.


traditional look
* To give a pure Indian or traditional feel to the dining room, choose a traditional fabric like batik, bandhani, Lucknowi for the table cloth.
* Choose traditional pattern dining tables, chairs and crockeries.
* Makeover of a dining table with a candle stand made of glass or wrought iron.
* Put antique decor accessories on the wall.


wall decoration
* Get the walls of the dining room painted with bright colors.
* If you want, you can also do a makeover of walls with wallpaper.
* Apply whatever design you like from floral to geometric for the wallpaper, but keep the color of the furniture in mind while selecting the wallpaper.
* You can change the look of the walls even by applying paintings or photo frames.
* By making a glass shelf in one corner of the dining room, you can also decorate beautiful crockeries on it.


* Like the rest of the house, take special care of lighting in the dining room as well.
* Here you are relaxed, so never apply harsh light, which directly pricks the eyes.
* If the designer is installing lights or chandeliers etc., then take special care of the size.
* Keep the size of the light about 12 inches smaller than the dining table.
* While installing the light, keep the design of the table in mind. A round light like a chandelier goes well with a round dining table.


smart ideas
* If you cannot make a dining room in a separate room, then set a dining table in a special corner of the kitchen.
* According to the occasion, change the table mat, coaster, napkin holder to give a trendy look to the dining table.
* If there is a shortage of space, then choose a folding dining table and chair.
* Buy fresh flowers and beautiful candles to decorate the dining table.
* Make the dining room attractive with bright lighting arrangement.
* There are many varieties of dining tables available in the market, you can choose it according to your budget and the space available in the house.
* Glass dining tables give an attractive and classy look.
* According to your convenience and budget, you can choose a wooden or glass dining table.
* Attractive crockeries can also make the dining table attractive.

– Kanchan Singh


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